The Blacklist season 6: Who’s in the most danger now?

The Blacklist logoOn this past episode of The Blacklist season 6, we saw the key death of one of Reddington’s associates — think along the lines of Smokey. If you’re going to die on this show, is there a more memorable way to go than this? We gotta say — it’s hard to really think of one. Getting thrown out of a plane is about a 12 on the 1-10 crazy scale.

Yet, the even crazier thing at the moment is that there could be so many deaths where that came from — Smokey is just scratching the surface. Raymond Reddington at the moment is a man on the warpath. He wants to know who’s betrayed him and he’s already shown that he’s more than willing to take out people who have committed small offenses against him — let alone selling out to the police.

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So who could be in his crosshairs next? Within this article, we come bearing who we believe to be the top three candidates to lose their lives by the end of the season.

3. Liz Keen – We’re ranking her fairly low at the moment just for one simple fact: It’s hard to imagine the show killing off its female lead! Yet, there’s a substantial reason for Reddington to go after her in the event that he learns she is behind the betrayal. It’s going to leave to us seeing the man in the midst of a moral quandary. Would he kill Liz if he realized that her actions almost killed him? She may not be his biological daughter, but there’s some element of love there. He cares for her perhaps more than he cares for anyone.

2. Donald Ressler – While Ressler is not altogether involved in the betrayal of Reddington, we do still think that he’s going to be in his crosshairs because of what he’s trying to dig up. While Raymond may have been reasonably okay with Liz learning the truth about his identity, that was right before he was seemingly going to die … and we don’t even know for sure that he would’ve told her the truth in that context. How cool do you think he’ll be about Ressler, a guy he has far less of an attachment to, trying to air out a little bit of his dirty laundry?

1. Dembe Zuma – We’re very worried about Dembe at the moment. Reddington’s already lost one person who was close to him in Mr. Kaplan who betrayed him; it’s easy to envision a scenario where he would go after someone else in Dembe if he feels the same. Dembe has withheld information about Liz betraying him, and to Reddington, this is likely the same as him committing the act himself. The closer the backstabber is to him, the more painful it will be … and this could lead to a tremendous amount of pain.

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