The Rookie episode 20 (finale) video: Is a cliffhanger coming up?

As we prepare for The Rookie episode 20, otherwise known as the final one for the season, there are so many questions worth wondering.

Take, for example, whether or not any major characters could die. Given that we’re potentially talking about a home-grown terror cell trying to supplant a deadly virus in the city of Los Angeles, there’s definitely a chance for it. As a matter of fact, there’s even a part of the promo below that features one character potentially infected! While we do wonder whether or not The Rookie will actually go there so soon after killing off another major character, they want you to at least think that removing someone else from the equation is a possibility. It’s a pretty great way to ensure that you’ve got some high stakes entering the last episode — and this is the sort of show that lives and dies by that.

Beyond the specific stakes, there’s another interesting question to think about: Whether or not Alexi Hawley and the writers are going to venture into full-blown cliffhanger territory at the end of this, given that this is a great way to throw down the gauntlet to ABC and make it clear just how badly people want to see a renewal. It adds a little more urgency for them and as we’ve already reported, the ratings for the show aren’t exactly enough to guarantee anything when it comes to the future of the show.

We understand the frustration that would come from a cliffhanger, especially if the show gets canceled and then there are a lot of people out there who feel like they don’t really get a chance to have some of the closure that they really wanted from this show. Yet, what’s production supposed to do? Think about this this way — The Rookie is totally one of those shows that would’ve cultivated a cliffhanger even if its ratings were better, and we don’t think it should be completely remaking its ending for the season based on just its status right now. If you’re working on a show like this, you would like the idea of getting to stick around for a while and you want to do everything that you can in order to strongly encourage ABC to do the right thing and give it another kick at the can.

The best thing to hope for is that if there is a cliffhanger in the finale, the road that gets us there is action-packed and immensely satisfying. That’s absolutely what we’re crossing our fingers for at the moment, so fingers crossed that the writers do find a way to deliver. Think in terms of great action, but also drama that validates the journey that we’ve been on with John Nolan and the other cops from the start of the series.

What do you think is going to be coming on The Rookie finale, and is there a particular character you are worried for especially? Share right now in the comments.

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