Supergirl season 4 episode 17 sneak peek: Alex tries to help Lena

SupergirlMoving into Supergirl season 4 episode 17 on Sunday, we’re pretty sure the panic levels in National City are getting close to an all-time high. Lex Luthor is on the loose, Lena’s been incapacitated, and we know that we’re getting into a spot that could be putting our favorite Kryptonian’s future in grave danger.

Yet, within the sneak peek that we’ve got below, the focus is mostly just on Lena Luthor’s state as she tries to grapple with what both she and all of National City are currently faced with — let alone her own health. Alex finds her unconscious, which leads to her doing much of what you would expect within this sort of situation: Her doing everything that she can in order to make her comfortable and okay. Yet, Lena’s not someone who is really used to comfort so rather than just accepting a chance to recover, she repeatedly tries to give Alex some information that she deems essential. What is it?

First, it seems as though it’s about Lex and his plan — then, it seems like it’s about Eve being a rogue employee of Lex’s the entire time. In the end, though, Lena doesn’t actually get a chance to tell Alex what’s on the tip of her tongue … at least in the span of this sneak peek. Odds are, it’s probably not related to anything we’ve mentioned here and instead, it could be tied to Red Daughter or something else entirely. (Since it’s hard to say where exactly this sneak peek is placed within the larger episode, it’s not 100% clear at present just how much Lena actually knows.)

What you can be sure of at present is simply this: We’re gearing up for what may be the zenith of the entire Lex Luthor story. We don’t get the sense that the plan is for this character to be featured within the remaining installments of the season. Instead, the plan feels a little bit more akin to getting a chance to see a lot of him now, and then maybe not so much in the weeks that follow. Lex is that sort of perfect back-pocket character, where maybe DC Comics gives you permission to maybe feature him again for a few more episodes at some other point, depending of course on how long Supergirl lasts as a series. Think of him as a candle that is slowly burning itself off — sooner or later, that flame’s going to extinguish, and you may have to wait until there’s another candle to light him up anew. There are enough other fires to put out even if the character does go away.

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