The Bachelorette spoilers: The Boston Celtics filming connection

Hannah BrownWhoever thought that the Boston Celtics would be appearing on The Bachelorette … or at least some of them? This has to be one of the strangest crossovers of all time, but apparently, here we are.

In a new post on Twitter, show executive producer Mike Fleiss confirmed that the show filmed a segment featuring their lead Hannah Brown alongside at least a couple of members of the team in Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown. Obviously, this is random — Hannah isn’t from anywhere near Boston, and we’re not sure if she’s even a Celtics fan at all. (Is there a designated pro basketball team for people in Alabama? It feels like they could just root for Memphis, New Orleans, Orlando, Houston, or really anyone else they want.) There is still something hilarious about the photo of Hannah hanging on the rim while wearing a Kyrie Irving jersey, even though Kyrie’s not actually there. (Couldn’t someone at least give her a Rozier jersey or something?)

Obviously, The Bachelorette is filming an episode in New England for the upcoming season. Why? Probably tourism money. That’s what tends to happen anytime that this show leaves the mansion for other destinations. One of the reasons why it’s able to afford moving around the world so much is because locations want to be featured as a “romantic destination.” They clearly think that the tourism clout is worth it. To be fair, it does seem like springtime is a great period of time to be in Boston and most of the northeast … provided that the snow has cleared up.

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More than likely, this visit to the Celtics is going to be the group date (we’re at least assuming it’s a group date) that some of the guys are most jealous of who don’t get to take part. Who wouldn’t want to do this? As someone who played basketball for at least a good chunk of our life — though wasn’t particularly good at anything other than blocking shots and shooting threes — there’s something really fun about getting to see where the players practice. (We think this is the practice court and they’re not at the Garden itself.)

All of this, in the end, will probably be totally ridiculous — but a good 95% of the group dates are! There’s nothing inherently romantic about a lot of these. Really, it’s more of an excuse to just get everyone wearing silly outfits and get competitive with one another. There is romance to be had on this show, but a priority from production, especially in the early going, is to milk every possible second of drama possible.

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