Lucifer season 4 premiere date on lockdown, but it exists!


There’s great news to report on when it comes to the Lucifer season 4 premiere date — Netflix has decided on it! Now, it’s just waiting around until the streaming service decides that it’s time to share with the rest of the class when it is.

In a post on Twitter yesterday (which you can check out below), Amenadiel himself in DB Woodside confirmed that there is such a glorious date within the ether … but he can’t say anything about it. Why? If you think demons are bad, wait until you see Netflix after you release one of their secrets early! Really, it’s not that dark — it’s mostly that the streaming service may have something cool planned like a premiere-date announcement video or a trailer that unveils the good news within. They want to do it big when they reveal the news, and getting it out early undermines that.

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The fact that the date is secret is in so many ways a net positive, largely since it should show every Lucifan out there that Netflix is pretty darn serious about giving this show the best launch possible. They are decisive about what they want out of it and more than that, they are finding the right time to run with it. Judging from the caution that Netflix is exercising, it’s our belief that the start date’s at least several weeks away — May, at the earliest, seems to be the likely start time. What better time to launch than those final weeks of the month? The broadcast TV season is winding down, Game of Thrones is coming to a close, so why not give us a little bit of devilish entertainment to lead into the summer months? There’s a market there that is ripe for the picking, and the best thing that Lucifer can hope for is a promotional window where diehards and casual fans alike can embrace Lucifer Morningstar with open arms.

Remember, the best way to get Lucifer that season 5 is to watch early, and watch the whole way through! Send Netflix that devil-signal (it’s kinda like that Bat-signal, but with horns rather than a bat) that you’re interested in more by showing there is demand. We feel optimistic that we’ll get another season down the road, mostly because every little detail we hear suggests we’re in for a delightful, dark, and at-times funny romp through Lucifer’s world. There will be villains, there will be romance, and there will probably be about fifty moments worthy of a new gif or meme. Basically, everything we love about this show rolled into a smaller episode order and available at viewers’ convenience.

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Then remember to head over to the link — we’ve got a feature there about some of the stuff we’d like to see in a trailer, and we think that you almost certainly are going to like it.

What do you think about the Lucifer season 4 premiere date, and is there any other news you want to see about what’s coming? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments. (Photo: Netflix.)

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