Madam Secretary season 5 wraps filming; season 6 push begins

Madam SecretaryMadam Secretary season 5, alas, is officially in the books — at least for the cast and crew. As viewers, the good news is that we’ve still got a bit left!

On Friday, the news was confirmed by cast member Erich Bergen (see below) that they were in the midst of the final day of production for the CBS series, meaning that everyone now is getting some rest, recovering, and beginning their version of “how I spent my summer vacation.” Of course, for a lot of these people this just means going and taking on some other fun work opportunities during their time away — you always want to feel creatively fulfilled and getting to do a wide array of things, including Madam Secretary, certainly qualifies for that.

What may make the end of filming a little bit hard for Bergen and the rest of the cast is simply the uncertainty. Think about wrapping up a very important job for the spring, not knowing if you’re ever going to have a chance to return. That is often the life an actor and it is not the easiest thing in the world to grapple with. You have to say goodbyes with your heart still hoping for more, but with your head still recognizing reality.

At the end of Bergen’s message, he does mention #RenewMadamSecretary and that’s where we want to pick up here with the remainder of this article — this is a show worthy of a season 6, bar none. It’s influential, inspiring, and also does give you hope in a political world where, sometimes, it feels like there isn’t much. While Madam Secretary may be fiction, its characters are almost representative of what you want to world to be, one where solutions matter more than party and whether or not you are playing to a particular base. Elizabeth McCord is also set to bring her experience deeper into the political process as she prepares herself for a 2020 run.

The most important reason to renew Madam Secretary for a season 6 is to try and complete that run — even if season 6 is labeled as the final one, you could at least spend a good 18-22 episodes showing what it’s like to campaign for higher office, while still serving as Secretary of State. That has to be a difficult thing to weigh and balance but guess what? It’s difficult to balance anything with being one of America’s most-important cabinet officials! How is this any different? We just don’t think that there’s enough room in season 5 to conclude the Presidential Election plot that’s been brought up, especially since Elizabeth really hasn’t dived into a public campaign as of yet. It needs a full season’s worth of intention, or more.

Would we like a season 6 and a season 7?

Absolutely, since there is some appeal in seeing what Elizabeth would be like as a potential President and you could run Madam Secretary actually into the day of the 2020 Presidential Election. However, we don’t want to get too greedy as it’s best to take things one individual season at a time. We’ve also seen a number of Presidential shows already, so once Elizabeth actually wins an election (provided that she does), Madam Secretary becomes somewhat of a different show! If you are going to end it, doing so after Election Day would be a fitting time. Maybe a season 6, plus a ten-episode season 7 to close things off, could be ideal … though if the stories remain interesting and the producers make Bess-as-President work, you can certainly still argue for more. It’s hard to be opposed to it.

Are you crossing your fingers for a season 6 or more from Madam Secretary? Be sure to sound off now in the comments! (Photo: CBS.)

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