Big Brother Canada 7 episode 3 review: Cory’s quest + nominations

Big Brother Canada 7Tonight, Big Brother Canada 7 episode 3 delivered what was its first, truly-normal episode of the season. There was no Arisa Cox, and most of the content on the night was taken directly via the feeds — with some competition footage mixed in there, as well.

Can we start by saying that we really loved the Head of Household Competition tonight? While this did have an element of the time-honored tradition of a classic endurance competition, it also brought an interesting twist in a way you could step down and try to win the challenge by hitting a hole-in-one. If you nailed it, you were HoH; if you missed it, you were eliminated. This just added so many more stakes to the competition and it’s something that we’d love to see the show do more of. Find new ways to add strategy into the mix!

As feed viewers know, Dane won the Head of Household, but what we didn’t know as much just from the feeds is how tight he and his late father were. His father’s suicide is still fairly fresh and he’s struggling with it in the game. While we don’t necessarily love every single player that Dane is working with, we are certainly fond of him. He’s a funny guy but beyond that, he’s also pretty smart. He was able to figure out tonight how close Sam and Adam were, even if they weren’t showing all of their feelings publicly. He wants to target Sam, but he has to figure out the proper way in which for it to happen. That wasn’t nominations.

While the show didn’t highlight all of it, apparently Kyra did some stuff last week to make Dane not trust them — this was a justified nomination of his part. Maki is his pawn and he talked it over with him.

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Did Cory complete her quest?

In terms of the narrative of this episode, seeing whether or not she could make her three final two deals was one of the most compelling parts of this episode. We already knew that she would make it, but there was still something exciting about hearing her thought process and understanding more of why she was approaching the people that she was. In Eddie, it just made sense because the two were getting along. With Kailyn, she tried to present herself as a mentee to Kailyn’s mentor. Finally, she went for Damien because she felt like he was probably in need of allies after he was on the block this past week. She also went after Kyra, but they weren’t interested.

Cory’s safe! She’s got nothing to worry about there, and also has nothing to really be worried about for most of the week. The only thing we wish we got were confessionals from some of the people she made these deals with — what did they think about all of that?

CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight’s episode did solidify further that the Pretty Boys alliance has most of the power in this game at present, though there are some clear breaks in the armor. Sam’s a key cog in the story right now because of where she is with Adam, but it was a smart move on Dane’s part to go with the safe nominations at the moment. He’s not ruffling feathers, and he’s working to keep himself safe for a while.

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