Is Chicago Med new tonight? Season 4 episode 17 return date confirmed

Chicago MedIs Chicago Med new tonight on NBC? We’d obviously love to have it back IMMEDIATELY, mostly because we start showing pretty serious withdrawal symptoms when we don’t get a chance to see some new stories featuring this awesome cast and crew.

Unfortunately, we are going to have to wait a little bit longer to see everyone back in action. There is no new episode tonight, and beyond just that, there’s no new episode until March 27. Everyone commence staring down your computer angrily, hoping that this date will somehow magically change! NBC confirmed this date today in a post on Twitter (see below) — they’d confirmed it previously for Chicago Fire, and the assumption long was that Chicago Med and Chicago PD would be joining it.

We like to think that there are many things that One Chicago has learned this season, whether it be that Will Halstead really shouldn’t work alongside law enforcement on an undercover operation or that dating within this hospital often turns out terribly. Yet, we still want it to happen! (We’re not giving up on Manstead — not now, and not ever.) We’ve also learned that these three One Chicago shows should remain inseparable moving forward. We remember as early as this fall, there were thoughts about putting Chicago Med on a short hiatus while keeping the other two on the air at midseason. That didn’t happen once the ratings started coming in. There’s an awesome reason why all three shows are already renewed, and it’s become the ratings have been spectacular across the board. They’re three of NBC’s most-watched shows and in the case of Chicago Med, it’s actually the most popular of the three when it comes to live viewers. When you think about the lack of hardcore promotion for it or that it was the second spin-off created, who would’ve saw this coming? Its success is based in part on familiarity, but also that the writers have crafted characters you want to root for … even if they do occasionally do things that make you want to boo at the television.

When Chicago Med returns, the #1 priority needs to be just making sure everyone is still okay to work together. Patients do have to come first over all of the relationship turmoil happening, so we’re at a point now where the doctors and nurses have to put on a brave face. Beyond just that, we’re also expecting some more family-based storylines and for the show to mix things up a little bit. We’ve had a lot of dating subplots as of late and we get it — ‘shipping is popular! Relationships are one of the reasons why people do stick around shows.

Yet, there is something more here beyond just that. Viewers also watch shows because they care about the characters’ full lives. There is more going on beyond just who they are dating. Are they happy in their current position? Are some unexpected family members going to stop by? Is someone going to get a new pet? (we hope so cause we love animals!) These are some of the conversations we want to see happen.

Hopefully, over the next few days NBC will start to actually lift the veil on what’s coming on Chicago Med season 4 episode 17 — we’ve already waited a good week with no details! What gives?

What do you want to see on Chicago Med season 4 episode 17?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! (Photo: NBC.)

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