Victoria season 3 episode 8 (finale) spoilers: The Exhibition arrives


Are you ready for Victoria season 3 episode 8? A part of us will never be ready for the show episode next week, largely because of what it represents: The grand finale. The curtain is dropping on this season and because of that, we have to think about the thought of waiting a good year, or at least the next ten or so months, to see what’s next. (It could be even worse — there is a universe in which Victoria does not come back for another season. Nobody wants that, but individual viewers, as per usual, are not the ones pulling the strings.

For those who want to see Victoria season 3 end with quite a flourish, we come bearing some excellent news: It does seem like executive producer Daisy Goodwin wants the great thing! Next week will bring you the actual Great Exhibition after Albert discusses the concept at length tonight. This will allow for opportunities to see the best and brightest from all over the world, all bright-eyed and excited to behold something new, something spectacular. The pressure then arrives on the Royal Family to be gracious, welcoming hosts and to also present a united front in terms of their relationship and philosophy.

Sure, we imagine that the Royal Family in the 19th century benefited heavily from living in a world without social media, where there were fewer devices staring at them in every possible direction and where there were moments of peace. The flip side of this, though, is that we feel people in the period were a little more attentive; they recognize and understand their surroundings. If either Victoria or Albert slips up, then almost everyone in society will know. This event’s sink-or-swim nature will either aid the reputation of Britain or cause it to crumble.

The official PBS synopsis for Victoria season 3 episode 8 is, alas, fairly short:

The world’s eyes are on the Great Exhibition, and the Royal couple. Does triumph or failure beckon?

Looking towards the other side

There is, clearly, a good bit more story to tell in this world. There is more romance, more devastation, and more achievements. Victoria is one of the most-renowned monarchs in the history of the United Kingdom for a reason. There is much of a legacy still to be written.

If there is a large-scale concern over the series’ future, we would argue it is this: How do you find a way to keep aging up the characters so rapidly? You can’t just stick Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes into a time machine and scream “please age faster!” — meanwhile, you cannot keep Victoria on the air for decades and continue to further along the series in real time. You have to find either a happy medium in progressing things along or a natural ending point for the series … whatever makes the most sense.

Curious in getting some more updates on Victoria?

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