The Wynonna Earp season 4 fight is all about the marathon

Wynonna EarpIt’s now been, roughly, around 40 or so hours that we first learned about strangeness within the world of Wynonna EarpTypically, this strangeness is of the delightful, entertaining variety — a new demon is wreaking havoc on Purgatory, or Emily Andras and the writing team has uncovered yet another innovative medium through which to tell a story in an episode. This experimentation and imagination help to lift the Syfy series to new creative heights, and to keep the show’s devoted viewers hovering near the edge of their seat.

Yet, the strangeness now is far more concerning; the sort that sends a chill down your spine in life. There is still no certainty surrounding the future of the show. What we know, which you can also see described in the video below (if you enjoy this, subscribe to CarterMatt on YouTube) is as follows.

1. Syfy already greenlit the show for seasons 4 and – This was revealed via new reporting on Friday. They have shown their commitment to the Earper fandom, let alone their own corporate bigwigs on the NBCUniversal side. They see the commercial and creative viability of the Wynonna Earp brand. Alas, they also do not produce the show internally — it is licensed to them via IDW.

2. IDW is “committed” to the franchise’s future – The company released to CarterMatt a vague statement on Friday, one that insisted that they are done with the story; yet, it also did not reveal that their future plans necessarily include the show in the current form. It was a statement proving that they understand the qualms and concerns of fans, but not necessarily anything beyond a slight assurance.

Remember, there are still reports about financial issues within IDW that have forced them to delay production; there may be financial factors and negotiations

3. The cast, crew, and basically anyone even remotely involved with the show is behind it – The passion is there and anyone who thinks otherwise may secretly be a demon looking to infect all of the internet. We’ve heard nothing but positivity in terms of the atmosphere on set, the joy that radiates across all of the cast and crew, and their overall interest in continuing to keep the story going. These are people willing to #FightForWynonna, whatever it takes.

Here is where patience matters

We didn’t come to this production kerfuffle overnight; IDW didn’t just collectively wake up in the middle of the night screaming “we can’t make this show as we planned to!” and scrambling to make phone calls. The problems were not instantaneous, and neither is the solution.

The best thing any Earper can do is stay committed, stay positive, practice self-care, and stay loyal to those who are, in turn, staying loyal to them. Yet, another thing is to be cognizant that this may take time. Anything that involves either A) money or B) lawyers is often a long, drawn-out process. There is information (and quite possibly dollars) to be shared, and these are not the sort of things corporations do impetuously. They take their time to do their i’s and cross their t’s. The creative commitment to Wynonna Earp never falters — there is no cackling supervillain within the walls of IDW relishing in the pain of diehard fans. They have to continuously separate their own, personal fandom with the priorities of their pocketbooks.

Do we remain hopeful that something will be done to preserve the life of the series in some form? With our work within the save-our-show field, which we like to think we’ve been active in for a good seven or eight years, everything we’re seeing is positive. Yet, hope makes no guarantee. All parties involved would like to see the same Wynonna Earp you know and love back on the air; the quest becomes now taking that ambition and turning it into action.

Have a perspective on the Wynonna Earp situation, and what fans can do? Share in the attached comments. (Photo: Syfy.)

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