The Masked Singer finale: Should the Monster, Peacock, or Bee win?

MonsterTonight, The Masked Singer narrowed down the lineup to just three performers … and now, we’re gearing up for an epic finale.

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At the conclusion of tonight’s episode, it was revealed that the Monster, the Peacock, and the Bee were the final three. It’s a great crop given that all three of these singers are performers, and they’re all going to be bringing a lot of fun to the table.

So who do we think is the front-runner right now? We don’t know how you watch this show and think that it is anyone other than the Monster, given what we’ve come to know about this character since the start of the season! He’s been such a tremendous source of fun and someone we’ve really enjoyed having a chance to check out all season. He’s also the one most viewers at home are probably curious about — we’ll tell you that none of the judges have correctly guessed him all season. There was a really big clue on the show tonight, though, probably the biggest one that we’ve gotten all season.

Meanwhile, the Bee is probably the most obvious — it has to be Gladys Knight. If you’ve heard her sing in the past, the voices are more or less identical. There are also very few people out there who really meet the criteria of “music icon” that she seems to have for herself at this point. We’re mostly just glad that we’ve had so many opportunities to hear her sing this season — that’s really where a lot of this comes from.

Finally, the Peacock is a curious one — he’s clearly a good singer and an exceptional stage performer. All the clues point to Donny Osmond, and so does the voice. We’ve thought of him as a contender for the entire season, but not on the same level as the Monster. We think they all have really good voices, but it’s the Monster who has most embodied the spirit of this show, and that includes embracing your character and really diving in and having fun with the entire world around you.

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Who are you rooting for leading into The Masked Singer finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts now in the comments. (Photo: Fox.)

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