‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ spoilers: Finally, a promo!

We have sat thrown more semi-interesting teaser trailers for “American Horror Story: Asylum” than we can really even count at this point, so really, we’re just happy to have something to report on pertaining some actual footage for the show.

FX has released their first real promo for Ryan Murphy’s latest production, and we will give him some credit here: it looks awfully spooky. What clearly stands out here to us is actually how much of this footage seems like it could have come out of any horror movie, and not necessarily this show; there are lots of dark colors along with multiple shades of red, and there was almost a part of us that was hoping the show was going to go with the jarring and mind-altering motif of white as evil rather than purity. (However, it is also hard and pretty unfair to judge a show based on just thirty seconds of footage.)

From our perspective, it is really rather clear here that the guiding light is Jessica Lange, who will serve as the anchor of this season courtesy of a role as a vicious and incredibly frightening nun who oversees a mental institution in 1960s Boston. The horror is going to be more of the traditional variety, which means that you should not expect so much in the way of ghosts, rubber men, or other phenomena to pop up outside of maybe visions within some of the inmates’ twisted minds.

What do you think about this promo, and does it have you even more excited about the new season premiering in just two weeks? If you want to see what some of the show’s stars have to say in a brand-new video, all you have to do is visit the story over at the link here.

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