Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 video: The quest to save Bridget

Ray Donovan season 6Come Sunday night Ray Donovan season 6 episode 10 will arrive on Showtime, and it feels like an understatement to call it intense.

Throughout the course of this series’ run, one of the things that we’ve seen almost constantly is a tendency for the title character to land both himself and those close to him in trouble. It’s something that he’s had an almost-impossible time avoiding, or at least it is because of his decision to stay in this job. There’s a chance that his life could go in a different direction, but the problem there is that he’d have to show a willingness to do it. That’s not exactly something that we’ve seen from him.

Unfortunately for him, he’s allowing some of his problems to become the problems of others — in this case, Bridget. She’s become a little more involved than anyone would’ve liked as of late, and the promo below does a good job of orchestrating some of the peril that is coming up. Do we think that someone is going to kill Bridget, at least right away? Probably not, since she offers up so much more in the way of leverage for Ray and others when she is alive. Nonetheless, we do foresee that there’s going to be some trouble coming up for her in the long-term unless Ray makes some big moves and finds a way to keep her safe.

What makes things interesting entering this episode is that Ray is being set up to be in a far more vulnerable position than he’s been in for quite some time. While we know that he doesn’t want to be particularly reliant on his family, or even close to them in some occasions, he’s going to need just about every bit of help he can get in order to ensure that Bridget is safe. We’re not sure that he is going to want to rely on his father Mickey, though, given that there is so much water under the bridge that you can’t even see the bridge anymore.

What else is there?

We are still intrigued by this election storyline, largely due to what some of the long-term ramifications of it could be. For example, what happens in the event that Sam Winslow gets her desired result? She may not become the Mayor, but in a lot of ways she is the person controlling things behind the scenes. There is something very fascinating about seeing that play out and we really hope the show dives into that head-first.

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