Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 10 review: An epic immunity battle

Survivor: David vs. Goliath

Tonight, Survivor: David vs. Goliath episode 10 brought us a fantastic battle in a number of different forms — especially when it comes to an immunity battle.

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The showdown between Christian and Alec has to be one of the greatest ones that we’ve seen in quite some time, mostly just because the fascinating social dynamic that exists between the two. Alec wanted this desperately, especially after hearing that Carl was targeting him. Yet, Christian knew that this was a chance for him to do something that he never imagined he’d ever be able to do. He wasn’t about to give that up and he won that … after more than five hours. Christian’s tactics during the challenge were also all sorts of spectacular, as he basically just talked and talked and talked his way through it.

This episode introduced a surprising new wrinkle into the game, one in which Carl apparently was the godfather and the one telling the David tribe what to do. Where was this guy? He was getting cocky, as evidenced by the fact that he ate food at the immunity challenge alongside some of the other members of the tribe.

Onto the next Tribal Council

This proved to be an interesting social showdown, mostly because Angelina wanted to be with the Davids, whereas Christian and Gabby were thinking about flipping in order to get rid of Carl. The appeal here is that Alec was a significant physical threat, and that’s someone who Christian could hide behind for a little while. If you get rid of a lot of threats, that suddenly makes you the biggest threat. You don’t want to be in that sort of situation down the road.

Carl, meanwhile, is not really as powerful as he thinks just because he’s the sort of leader, apparently, who frustrates those who are close to him. We would make the point that you can get rid of Carl at almost any time and you may never be able to get rid of Alec again, but that’s what makes this game so complicated. If we were Christian and Gabby, we’d probably just cut Alec here and then have confidence in your own ability to win down the road. Alec is that rare player who can win almost his whole way to the end and if he does that, he could beat anyone … few Goliaths could do that.

There were no immunity idol played and with that, Alec went home! He was a good player who perhaps flew a little bit too close to the sun with his physical gameplay. He’s a little like Joe Anglim in that way.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, this episode had a somewhat-predictable outcome in that it was easy to see the exit of Alec coming. Yet, at the same time, we did love the immunity challenge and most of the gameplay in it, including Nick finding an immunity idol in the middle of the night!

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