Is Law & Order: SVU new tonight on NBC? What’s coming up next

SVU season 20 artIs Law & Order: SVU new tonight on NBC? We definitely know that it would be great to see another compelling case sooner rather than later. This is, after all, a show that could air almost any night at any time and generate some viewership — even on Thanksgiving.

Yet, at the same time it’s pretty darn clear here that NBC doesn’t want to take the risk of programming the show at a time when there aren’t going to be all that many people around to check it out. There is no new installment tonight, and you’re going to be waiting until next week to see “Alta Kockers,” the next new episode of the series and the tenth one of the season. This may also end up being the last episode of the year.

So what are we going to see in this episode? If you have not heard all that much about it already, the story is going to revolve in part around the murder of an up-and-coming author, one that may end up being tied to a secret that two brothers have had for a really long time. These brothers are being played by a pair of legendary actors in Wallace Shawn and Judd Hirsch, who we imagine will bring a lot of gravity to their roles. One of the things that we’ve come to know about SVU over the years is that it gives its guest stars fantastic material. If you want to either build or even add to an established legacy, this is a great way in which to do it.

As for what we are hoping to see at some point moving forward, a lot of that may revolve around the characters first and foremost. We’d like to see some really powerful stuff for Fin and Carisi, especially since these two haven’t had storylines of the same weight that we’ve seen this season for Benson, Rollins, and Peter Stone. We actually would also see a little bit more coming up this season for Benson, especially since it does feel like she’s been in somewhat of a tricky spot with her son, Noah. He’s just at that age when he doesn’t often show love or appreciation like he should, and that’s enough to worry about her just because she deserves so much more than what he is giving at the moment.

We still haven’t made it to the halfway point in SVU this season; with that in mind, we certainly do know that there are many powerful storylines ahead. We just have to wait and see precisely what some of those are.

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