Criminal Minds season 14 episode 8 video: Is Luke getting reinstated?

Luke AlvezComing up on Criminal Minds season 14 episode 8, we are going to have a chance to see what’s happening next with Luke Alvez.

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If you recall, following the end of the episode “Luke” the character was punished harshly for going rogue and acting independently of the rest of the team. While he wasn’t fired, at the same time it was pretty clear that no one within the greater FBI was going to let him forget about what happened. He’s been moving forward on a probationary status, and while he’s not heading back into the field on a full-time basis just yet, it does seem like he’s getting closer to that point.

For a little bit more on that, all you need to do is check out the sneak peek below! In this you can see Prentiss sitting Luke down for a conversation and informing him that she has put in to reinstate him for full SSA status. However, that does not mean that immediately you’re going to be seeing Luke back out in the field, doing some of what he does best. This process takes a little bit of time and with that, there’s a different role coming up for him in this episode: He will be working on the case with Garcia, which is something that we absolutely do welcome from a relationship perspective. Garcia’s reaction to hearing about this is hilarious, and we think that for fans of her and Luke together (we are all in on Garvez!) this is going to be one of your favorite installments of the entire season.

Do we think that Criminal Minds and the BAU are going to miss having Luke out in the field for the next case? Absolutely, mostly because they’re a fairly small unit and when one person is gone, they find themselves even more short-handed than they were previously. They’ll have to make do with the people that they have as they work to solve a double-homicide and a kidnapping in New Hampshire.stoneheart

Beyond all of this…

Remember along the way that this episode is poised to be one of the biggest that we’ve had to see all season long for the character of Rossi. He’s at a point where he will be trying to push his relationship forward with Krystall, but there’s no guarantee that it is going to work how he wants it to by any means. There’s a good chance that something gets in the way, especially since, for one reason or another, that’s been the case with a lot of David’s relationships over the years. Even if he wants them to work out, there is always something that causes a problem.

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