Disney confirms Tom Hiddleston – Loki series, new Rogue One prequel


Disney’s upcoming Disney+ streaming service has officially done what it can to be that much more impressive than it ever was before.

The first thing that is worth confirming today is that there will, in fact, be a Marvel series coming up that features the likes of Loki in the lead role. Tom Hiddleston will be back as the famed character, who is mostly known via some of his work in the Thor franchise. This is something that has been rumored for quite some time with the streaming service as a way to bring viewers in almost right away. Hiddleston’s character was a fan favorite in some of his prior appearances and this is a chance to actually dive in and tell more of his story.

For those wondering, there are still rumors out there surrounding a Scarlet Witch series, plus some others featuring a number of different characters from within the established Marvel universe. Nothing has been confirmed otherwise there.

As for the news that is exciting from Star Wars, today Disney announced that they are developing a prequel series to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will feature Diego Luna’s character of Cassian Andor. You’ll learn more about who he is, where he came from, and also some of his latest exploits. It’s an exciting prospect for them to expand upon this universe — even if Disney seems to be scaling back some of their Star Wars film prospects after Solo: A Star Wars Story ended up proving to be a disappointment in theaters.

In a statement, here is some of what Luna had to say about being able to dive into this world for this series now:

“Going back to the Star Wars universe is very special for me … I have so many memories of the great work we did together and the relationships I made throughout the journey. We have a fantastic adventure ahead of us, and this new exciting format will give us the chance to explore this character more deeply.”

This is not the only Star Wars series that is being planned, as there is also another in The Mandalorian, which is being written and executive-produced by Jon Favreau. This series is set between the events of the Empire’s fall and then also the rise of the First Order.

Are all of these series promising on the surface? Absolutely, but are they going to be enough to convince people to spend more per month on streaming services? Disney is putting together what does feel like a really impressive roster of shows but, at the same time, there is so much competition out there and there are clearly no guarantees these days that any of these sort of things will prove to be successful in the end.

Can you see yourself getting into some sort of official Loki series, or anything that is featuring a Rogue One character? Are you interested in purchasing the streaming series now? Be sure to share in the comments. (Photo: Disney.)

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