Bull season 3 episode 3 review: Was this political case what it seems?

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season 3 episode 3 has to be one of the most controversial stories of the entire series — especially when it comes to the dramatic way it ended.

Let’s start with the way tonight’s episode began. Jason Bull took on the case of a cop who found herself at the center of a horrible police shooting, one filed by an unarmed black teacher who she fired at while he was stumbling in the wrong bathroom. On the surface, it appeared as though she shot him in a way similar to what has gone on with many real-life police shootings; the suggestion was that the incident was racially-motivated, and she may not have made this move if this was a person of a different ethnicity.

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The progression of the case happened exactly like you would expect, with the public turning on the police and with the NYPD scrambling in order to figure out precisely how to handle the situation. At first, they wanted to help clear the name of their officer in order to ensure they could return to business as usual. However, soon after that, they wanted to shift things around once they realized that this was not a case that was going to have the ending that they previously desired.

Well, the final ending to this case was not what we expected. Bull and the rest of TAC managed to determine that the officer and the victim actually planned the entire operation. She intentionally shot him in a way in which he would not die, and she also intentionally sabotaged her case in front of the trial to make it so that the NYPD would have to settle. Then, she and the victim / her lover were going to split the cash and use it to build some sort of future together.

Sometimes, the truth is beyond all comprehension, and we certainly think that this episode is a prime example of that very thing.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Bull season 3 episode 3 proved itself to be certainly controversial from start to finish. It did have a number of interesting twists and turns, but we’re not sure that the idea of a cop and a victim faking such a hot-button situation, even in fictional form, is going to go over well with all viewers. It was certainly compelling, though we do still wonder if we need to see more in terms of aftermath to Cable’s death from the start of the season. (Note that we haven’t seen a promo for next week’s new episode just yet, so it’s hard to say if she will be included there.)

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