Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9 video: Is Jimmy almost a lawyer again?

Better Call Saul season 4As we get closer to Monday’s Better Call Saul season 4 episode 9, one thing feels clear: Jimmy McGill is inching closer to his old job!

Based on the way in which time has moved through this season, we’ve taken a number of leaps forward. After all, the promo below signals that in just one week, Jimmy is going to have his license back and with that, he is going to be able to get back to what he loves … but what exactly will that be? There is a certain degree of mystery still with that, given that it doesn’t quite feel like we are primed to see the same exact version of Jimmy that we’ve seen on the series in the past. We’re anticipating someone more like Saul being born now, even if he is not exactly the full Saul as of yet. That may be something that becomes a little more clear over time.

Beyond just what is happening with Jimmy, the promo hints that this episode could be bringing you a little bit more resolution in the superlab story as that starts to near completion — we really hope that it does, honestly, in some shape or form, given that this is not something that we really feel has brought a heck of a lot to the table as of late.

The most interesting thing about this episode comes via its title of “Wiedersehen,” given that this is a hint that we could be gearing up for some sort of farewell on the show — and also sooner rather than later. Be prepared for something big.

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(Photo: AMC.)

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