Suits season 8 episode 10 review: Who is the new managing partner?

Suits season 8 episode 10Suits season 8 episode 10 marked the midseason finale for the show, and that marked what could very well be yet another turning point for the series.

At the center of this episode was the battle for name partner, with Samantha Wheeler in one corner and then Alex Williams in the other. This was a battle with Gavin Andrews at the center of it, and it didn’t take all that long in order for things to get ugly. That’s what happens when you got a scumbag like Gavin at the center of it. Gavin basically had info about her past that could have ruined her career, and that plus many other things allowed Alex to get a leg up on her. At about the three-quarter mark, all seemed to be over for her.

Yet, this is a show with many twists, and despite losing, Samantha wasn’t willing to give up on name partner yet. She basically demanded Robert do something about it, and she also had leverage over him because of something in the past: $100,000 that could put his career in jeopardy. The only reason he didn’t want to do anything about it was that if he tarnished his legacy, it would tarnish Rachel’s and he never wants to do anything that could hurt his daughter in any way. We do have sympathy for him in that sense, but this isn’t really a show about sympathy.

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On a positive note…

Sheila is pregnant, and it seems like it will stick this time! The unfortunate thing is that Louis didn’t have a lot of time in order to celebrate. Donna came over in order to tell Louis that the feud all around her has put the firm in a difficult position: The only way to keep everything together was for him to become Managing Partner. He doesn’t have any of the same strings attached as some of the other people on the show and that is absolutely something worth thinking about.

Donna’s plan is a smart one, but there’s also one other wrench to consider here, too: Harvey and Zane. Luckily, there was no way that they would ever vote for each other. This means that Louis is the new managing partner.

What we learned

In the end, Louis is in charge. Meanwhile, we also learned the truth about Samantha’s past: She is adopted, and she helped Robert because she didn’t want to hurt his daughter. Alex and Samantha both got promotions and with that, the top of the firm is suddenly all the more crowded.

CarterMatt Verdict

We do love a finale where Louis really gets to be the hero, and he’s now going to be the big guy in charge — at least for a little while. He’s ready to be a dad, and because of that, he realized that none of this other stuff about being a managing partner really matters.

All in all, what’s interesting is that there weren’t too many major cliffhangers tonight. We just had a changing of the guard, a playful Harvey / Donna moment, and that’s mostly it. There did need to be more Katrina, but hopefully, that’s picked up in the future.

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