Big Brother 20 episode 32 review: What did Scottie say in eviction speech?


Tonight, Big Brother 20 episode 32 presented a familiar situation: Scottie Salton and Haleigh Broucher on the block together! We’ve been here before, but tonight was a little bit different. The campaigning wasn’t the same, but the end result is likely going to be the same.

Going into the show tonight, we got a pretty good sense as to how everything was going to go. Tyler may not have wanted Haleigh to stay, but he also recognized that he probably didn’t have the votes. With that, he just tried to let Scottie down easy.

There wasn’t all that much drama leading into the eviction, mostly because of the fact that there wasn’t all that much that happened the final few days of Scottie’s time in the house. The biggest bit of drama comes via JC wanting to target Angela and Kaycee moving forward, and trying to create some sort of buzz around the idea.

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(We did have a segment tonight featuring Derrick, but the only thing that we really have to say on that is CBS’ love for Big Brother 16 is undying. We didn’t really learn much and, in some ways, the ways Derrick dances around direct questions is somewhat frustrating.)

The eviction

What was said? It involves sucking, and basically, we interpret that to mean one of two things: He either was saying that Tyler sucks, or he was making some sort of lewd innuendo when it comes to Tyler and Angela. We think it was something along the lines of “Tyler already gets a steady diet” of sucking, which is pretty shocking for a live show. (Update: According to the houseguests on the feeds, they claimed that what was said was slightly different, but still a lewd reference involving himself, Angela, and a metaphorical sex act.)

Watching Julie Chen interview Scottie was cringe worthy, mostly because we’re not altogether sure that Julie knows how to speak Scottie. The goodbye messages were almost all boring, except for Tyler, who attempted to clue him in on some of his game, having the power app, and being in control. It’s actually kind of weird that Tyler framed things like he really wanted him out since Haleigh was more of his preference — yet, we think he wants most of the credit for the moves in the game. We’re just not sure whether or not this is going to work for him.

The new HoH

This was a quick competition that was all about trying to sink pearls into different spots. The first person to get three in there in a designated period of time would be the winner.

Kaycee got off to the fastest start in the competition but, in the end, the winner was Kaycee. LET’S GO … to a pretty boring week since Haleigh’s going home almost surely now.

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