Lodge 49 episode 3 review: Whose dead body is that?

Lodge 49 episode 3After three episodes, we finally have a good sense as to where Lodge 49 is going — and it’s not just about watching Dud stumble his way through Long Beach.

Instead, what we saw in the closing seconds of Monday night’s new episode was the show’s main character uncover on accident a dead body hidden in a secret room next to the guest room in the lodge. It was clear that it had been there a long time, and while we thought for a split second that this may be Dud’s late father (whose body never apparently turned up), it seems as though the body has been there significantly longer than that.

Now, all of a sudden we have a mystery on our hands! There is a body buried within the lodge and you have to wonder whether or not there are people who know about its existence there. The unfortunate problem Dud faces is going to be getting someone to open up here given that these people are probably not the most open in the world when it comes to buried secrets.

Over the course of this episode, it was fairly clear that things were looking up for Dud overall. He got himself a temp job and after that, proceeding to forge a bond with his surly boss that led to him spending time helping her clean her pool when he really should have been at his father’s memorial. He did eventually turn up, and we also wonder if this boss is going to eventually be a love interest for him.

Meanwhile, Liz spent most of the episode trying to raise money for “charity” for her father’s memorial, which she insisted on giving herself … which in turn makes us think that she really just wants to pocket it given just how desperate she is at the moment. Ernie and Connie also had a brief opportunity to bond in this episode — though, as we said, it was brief. Connie has some other things clearly to worry about, including the possibility that her life could be falling apart with her now facing unemployment.

CarterMatt Verdict

It’s weird to think that things are looking up for Dud after the dude just found a dead body, but that is more or less what we think coming out of this Lodge 49 episode. This was a chance to actually see some movement on a big story this season and while we’ve enjoyed everything that we’ve seen to date, this was easily the best hour when it comes to actually bringing us somewhere and being excited to see what’s coming up next more or less immediately.

Also, we do like almost every character in the cast, and that’s rare for a show this early into its run.

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