The Affair season 4 finale: Helen tells Whitney the truth; could Vik die?

The Affair season 4 episode 7
Are you ready for The Affair season 4 finale to air on Showtime? Well, today we’re putting the focus on Helen and Vik, as opposed to some of our usual discussions on Alison.

In some ways, it feels like it’s been ages since the series has really addressed what’s happened when it comes to these two characters. The last time that we really had a focus put on them, we saw Helen make a healing trip-of-sorts to Joshua Tree, one that gave her some perspective moving into what could be Vik’s final weeks.

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In a new sneak peek for the finale (which you can watch over here), what we learn is that Helen is finally coming clean about what Vik is going through, including his cancer battle and being at the hospital. Whitney absolutely has a right to be angry about this, mostly because she’s finding out some key information about someone she cares about far later than she should. Yet, the way that she speaks to Helen makes her mad; basically, expect emotions to bubble over with this entire family.

As sad as it may be, what we’re expecting with this Helen story entering the finale is her having to confront death much like Cole and Noah both are with Alison — death is a big theme for season 4, and given what Vik is diagnosed with, it’s hard to imagine him eventually getting better. In some ways, painful as it may be, it’s almost better to lose Vik now so that season 5 can be a story of healing and progress for Helen and many other characters. Despite their misgivings, we do want some of these characters to find eventually a sense of peace.

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