Big Brother 20 live feed spoilers: The Hacker Comp nomination (day 52)

Big brother 20It’s been a pretty active day in the Big Brother 20 house, but we’re now getting to a point where things can finally start to settle a little bit.

If you missed it, earlier in the afternoon Head of Household Haleigh nominated both Angela and Kaycee for eviction and following that, Kaycee was the winner of the Hacker Comp. That enabled her a chance to put someone up in her place, and she opted to go ahead and nominate Rockstar. This was predictable, but it was also the best move for her at this time. Kaycee knows that Rockstar is not working with her and, to go along with this, she is also not the best competition performer we have seen this season. She would much rather her play in the Veto than Faysal, though it is always possible that he gets chosen anyway.

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Because Kaycee does have the Hacker power, she does have a chance to allow Tyler to play in the Veto. If he can win that, he can, at the very least, better ensure that he stays safe without having to use his Cloud power app. If it ends up being Angela vs. Rockstar come eviction night, an interesting showdown could take place. Kaycee, Brett, JC, and Tyler would seemingly vote to evict Rockstar while Faysal may be able to get Scottie and Sam on his side. It’s a closer vote if that happens, but because of Kaycee’s vote-canceler she would almost certainly wide out Fessy’s vote. If Rockstar remains on the block come Thursday, she almost certainly goes home. Because Kaycee is not immune, it’s possible she actually winds up back on the block down the road, but we’ll have more time soon enough to discuss that.

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Pending some drama tonight, this could be the last update of the day. We don’t expect Veto players to be drawn until the morning but that could play a big role in what happens — Rockstar and Haleigh need to be able to dray Fessy in case it is a super-physical competition.

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