America’s Got Talent video: Lord Nil returns with alligators

America's Got TalentFor anyone out there who wants to see something truly crazy, we present to you an America’s Got Talent sneak peek focusing on Lord Nil.

So who is this man? Back during the audition phase of the competition, Nil tried out with a dangerous stunt involving scorpions; as tough as that may have been for him to do, his latest stunt involving alligators simply feels like it’s on another level.

What is going on here? Let’s describe the act as such: He is suspended in mid-air with fire burning the ropes above that are suspending him, trying to figure out a way in which to escape from a straight-jacket. If he doesn’t do it in time, there is a reasonably good chance alligators could eat him alive.

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The first thing that we love about this performance is that Simon Cowell made a flippant comment about him stepping it up and working with crocodiles moving forward. While these are not technically crocodiles, it’s pretty close. Clearly, this is a man who does listen to feedback. He also has an understanding of what looks dramatic on the AGT stage. We understand that there is this enormous temptation to want to pick every single aspect of this act apart — everyone wants to imagine that there is a secret that enables Lord Nil to never be in complete danger. Yet, even if that was the case, would you really want to be hovering over alligators with fire above you? We think that this is as dangerous of an act as you are going to find.

To us, it feels almost like a no-brainer that Lord Nil ends up moving on to the next round. It’s really quite difficult to imagine him not getting through! Also, every single AGT performer to date who has had a “leaked” audition has advanced to the next round. We have to think that this is going to continue.

Do you think that Lord Nil is going to advance to the next round on America’s Got Talent without a problem? Share now in the comments!

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