Poldark season 4 finale review: Happiness and heartbreak

PoldarkTonight, the Poldark season 4 finale first kicked off was pain and suffering for many different characters. For starters, Ross and Demelza were struggling after the death of Monk Adderley and him staying in London. Meanwhile, Drake and Morwenna were both struggling with not expressing their feelings and so much more.

Yet, tonight brought the first of happiness that we’ve seen for Morwenna for quite some time, as she finally decided to walk with Drake! She started to realize that there was a way to press onward. She is not sure if she can ever express love physically again, but she wants to be with him nonetheless. That is more than enough for him and with that, there is a wedding in the works! We saw that in the closing minutes, and there was much joy to be had from that as they have a chance to start a new life together.

As happy as we were for Drake and Morwenna, there was some reason for sadness elsewhere. Let’s get to Elizabeth given that this was arguably the finale’s most-powerful story. In the wake of Geoffrey Charles’ comment earlier this season, George’s jealousy has returned and even worse than ever before. He threw out Morwenna and nearly had his goons kill her when she was at his home. Meanwhile, he almost got into a fight with Ross and completely shunned his son Valentine. He and Elizabeth got into a heated confrontation over that and it was at that point she decided that the time was right in order to try and induce labor. To her, having another early birth was the only way she can think of to slow down some of the suspicions that he had.

However, in doing this there were also some vast, harsh consequences. She fell ill right away and went on to proclaim to George that the symptoms were the same as last time. Elizabeth eventually went on to welcome a daughter, and in the immediate aftermath of it, appeared to be okay. For the time being, it also seemed as though George’s paranoia was sated. Not only that, but he passed along some good news to her in the process: He was due to receive a knighthood in the new year.

Soon after that, though, everything started to fall apart for Heida Reed’s character. Elizabeth was falling ill and the doctors, including Dwight, were not quite sure if anything could be done. It was not long after that the true reason for Elizabeth’s illness started to become clear for Dwight. Minutes later, it seemed as though she died. George had only started to become a better husband to her over the past year and alas, that’s when things fell apart.

We’ve lost Elizabeth and it does feel like this moment will allow Ross to take greater stock in what he has. There were some beautiful moments that came following her death between Ross and Demelza, but it’s hard to shake the shockwaves that are going to reverberate around the series moving forward.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was joy in seeing Drake and Morwenna get back together. Yet, there was so much sorrow and pain with Elizabeth. This was an outstanding, devastating Poldark episode that has us curious already as to what season 5 will bring.

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