Shades of Blue season 3 episode 5 review: Did Harlee arrest Bennett?

Shades of BlueShades of Blue season 3 episode 5 was chock full of many different storylines, with one of the biggest ones being a reminder that if you cross police officers, police officers fight back.

Basically, the title for the episode tonight was “The Blue Wall,” and that is indicative in so many ways of the politics at the center of the hour. Once you cross the line, there are other officers that want revenge. This is precisely what happened in the aftermath of Harlee and Loman’s decisions out in the field. Basically, the easiest way to sum things up here is that intelligence is in bed with a powerful cartel and because of that, Ramsey and his crew are doing everything that they can in order to protect them. If you cross the cartel, what that means in turn is that there’s going to be trouble. Harlee crossed lines, and with that certain members of the NYPD are crossing her. That includes her own daughter Cristina, who found herself pulled over during the episode. That’s when the news first came out about some “study buddies” that she was taking in order to ensure that she passes her tests a little bit easier.

Finding out that the police are in bed with a dangerous organization is the sort of things that can have a ripple effect, and in the immediate aftermath of learning the truth, she started to realize that on some level, Cole knew what was going on. He was hovering between the middle of the two sides, really doing everything that he could to stay afloat in the midst of what was a tricky time.

Was Bennett ordered to kill James Nava? That is the question Harlee eventually asked Cole, which he replied to by saying that he “improvised.” Basically, what we’re seeing is that the relationship between intelligence and the cartel is at the center of almost everything this season, and we don’t think that things are going to be getting easier from here on out. After all, tonight ended with a confrontation between Harlee and intelligence where things started to become clear as to the danger ahead. After all, the episode ended with Harlee arresting Bennett, with a subtle nod from Woz in the process.

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CarterMatt Verdict

From start to finish, this was the best episode of Shades of Blue this season. Not only was there an excellent storyline that ran through the hour, but the arrest of Bennett at the end was, in a word, perfect. We just hope the rest of the season is this consistently strong.

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