The Blacklist season 6 debate: What could the motive be?

The Blacklist logo any seasonGoing in The Blacklist season 6, it feels pretty darn clear that there are many different questions worth asking with the central twist in mind.

One of the biggest ones, obviously, is who Fake Reddington really is. For the sake of this article, we want to shift the focus over to a slightly different question — why choose to do this and show so much concern for Elizabeth Keen? Why does she matter so much to you?

While there are going to be a number of different theories that are out there, we’ve assembled three of the more intriguing ones below.

1. A promise – Protecting Liz may have been one of the goals of the original Raymond Reddington, and it is possible that before the death of this man, Fake Reddington ended up making a promise to continue to do so. It’s certainly possible that Real Reddington asked this mystery character to impersonate him after his death, as well — at this point, there are unlimited possibilities!

2. Guilt – This is another very interesting one. If Fake Reddington had to do somehow with the death of the real one, then maybe he feels it necessary to carry out his duties in order to have a larger sense of purpose. This is kind of sad, but he may think that if the truth is ever found out about him being an imposter, this could mean that he loses that purpose and is shunned in some form.

3. Obsession – This is probably the creepiest answer. Think of this Fake Reddington as a fanatic who was obsessed with everything the original man did. With that, he adopted this persona and created a new life to live vicariously through his image — being involved in Liz’s life is a part of that, and this Reddington may be so much in character at this point that he cannot really separate himself all that well from whoever he used to be.

What do you think the motive could be for Fake Reddington on The Blacklist? Be sure to share right away in the attached comments!

(Photo: NBC.)

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