Bull season 2 finale review: Matters of the heart

Bull season 2 finaleThe Bull season 2 finale may very well be the strongest episode of the entire CBS so far. It managed to figure out a way to include almost all of the main cast in a compelling, heart-pounding case. There was a victory, but also a serious cause for concern in the closing minutes.

To be specific, we are talking about the shocking, devastating cliffhanger that comes courtesy of Dr. Bull suffering a heart attack mere minutes after he found out that Elliott Miles’ guilty verdict would be thrown out. He was thrilled that all of the work to prove Miles’ innocence was worth it, especially since in the process he saw Benny risk his job and had to manipulate the penalty phase within an inch of its life.

Yet, this heart attack comes as a direct result of some of Bull’s recent behavior — not sleeping properly, drinking heavily, acting out, and the stresses of his life. Learning about Isabella’s upcoming wedding sent him into a tailspin, as he knew that his job, great as it is, has caused him to miss much of everything else in life. This is an issue he is going to have to reconcile now moving into the third season of the show. Isabella may be too far gone now, but there could be another great love if he opens himself up to it.

Bull is not the only person who will need to confront some issues related to the job. Marissa learned through the finale precisely how focused she is on the job and how, in turn, that has left her nothing of herself. The performance of Geneva Carr in this episode was magnificent as she narrated out the resignation that Marissa had left for Bull. She was ready to leave the job and find something else for herself to capture more of her soul; yet, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. In the heat of resolving the case she realized once more that this is who she is. We’re not altogether sure that she can leave behind some of these issues for the remainder of the series, but this is her realizing that if she is going to resolve things, she is going to have to figure out a different way in which to do it while also keeping the job.

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This is a finale that gave a little bit of something to many important characters. For Benny, he had to expertly weave his way through a courtroom proceeding trying to save Elliott, not even knowing Bull was going to be barging in to save the day. Beyond that, Chunk had a way to finally prove himself to his grouchy professor, showing him through being an expert witness that there is value in trial science.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode was amusing at times (Bull’s opening dream with Isabella), intense at others, and above all else it’s everything we’ve come to love about this show. Do we think that Bull is going to die? Of course not, mostly because it wouldn’t be Bull without the title character. Still, this was a heck of a fantastic end to a season that took great strides throughout; we’ve never been more hooked on the show and now, we have to wait until season 3 to find out how this is all going to land.

Do we wish that there was more for Danny and Cable in the finale? Sure, but there are only 43 minutes in an average episode. It gave us a great case with an excellent cliffhanger; for now, we couldn’t ask for anything more.

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