Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 22 review: Duke’s case; Jerry finds his inner McGarrett

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 22Tonight’s Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 22 had a couple of different stories of note, but let’s start with the one that probably tugged on the most heartstrings: Duke’s desperation in order to ensure that he got his granddaughter back after a kidnapping.

What made this case so hard for the Five-0 task force at first to grapple was the simple fact that Duke would do what he was accused of: Robbing evidence from a police locker and then fleeing. His daughter wasn’t altogether keen to share information as to what he was up to and it was only after that McGarrett and the rest of the team started to figure out just what was going on. They knew that Duke wasn’t the sort who would do something like take evidence and break the law.

Ultimately, the Five-0 team is Ohana. They look after each other, and they care for each other. With that in mind, we knew that they would rally together in order to find her — and that they very much did. At the end of episode we saw the team uncover her for what was an emotional reunion. It was super-heartfelt and while Duke was injured, he was going to be able to survive the bullet wound.

Now, what’s still a cause for concern here is whether or not Duke will be able to keep his job. While his actions may be justified, he did still do some things that are extremely frowned upon within the police department.

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Jerry goes undercover

While everything was going on with Steve and the rest of the Five-0 team, Jerry had himself a solo mission at a mental hospital that turned out to be absolutely dangerous. He was in there in order to figure out how to best resolve a murder. Jerry’s a smart, resourceful guy, but in true Five-0 fashion this case turned out to be so much more than anyone anticipated. Right when he started to figured out what was really going undercover.

Jerry, like Duke, did get injured as a result of the case, but for him, it happened swerving his car after he was temporarily captured by the criminals. This was a fun, great case for Jerry, one that allowed him to find his inner McGarrett and be the hero.

CarterMatt Verdict

Hawaii Five-0 season 8 episode 22 was funny, emotional, and also at times powerful — we certainly saw that in the closing minutes with Koa’s recovery and with Tani speaking out about his recovery. He is paying his recovery forward and trying to help others. While there still isn’t any resolution on the Adam story, this was still a really great episode about people caring for each other — we also saw a little bit of Steve, Danny, and the restaurant at the end.

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