The Flash season 4 episode 18 review: DeVoe vs. Dibny and so much more

Flash season 4 episode 14Tonight, The Flash season 4 episode 18 was by and large all about one thing: Trying to figure out a way in which to stop DeVoe. Yet, was that really the best option, or should some of these characters actually try to go through with a plot to kill the character instead? That was the mission at the forefront of tonight’s episode.

After being on yet another mission to bring in the final bus meta in Edwin, and seeing Caitlin get hurt in the process, Ralph Dibny was starting to get very fed up with the concept of just trying to put away DeVoe rather than just killing him. This is why he chose to use Edwin to get into the lair in order to kill him. This was a great plan in theory, but one of the biggest problems that came along with that is simple: It’s Dibny versus DeVoe. We’re talking about a supervillain with unlimited powers going after someone who is still figuring theirs out.

Barry Allen showed pretty soon after this that he was able to talk Dibny out of his plan … or at least going it alone. They came up with an alternate plan to invade DeVoe’s lair separately, which turned out to be pretty fruitless since, while that was happening, DeVoe and Marlize invaded STAR Labs instead. this was, to be frank, a problem.

Harry’s Thinking Cap panic

At the end of last week’s episode it was very much clear that Harry was getting too addicted to this cap. To go along with that, it was starting to turn him into a little bit of a monster. This is where Joe West came into play. He made it clear to Harry that he was developing a problem and he should consider putting a stop to it.

Well, it seemed like Harry was going to listen to Cisco’s advice once and for all. Yet, something came up: The invasion! Harry injected as much dark matter into the cap as possible in an effort to ensure once and for all that the character was stopped, at least after taking Edwin’s powers. For a brief period of time it felt as though Ralph actually stopped him! Yet, one simple mistake and everything went to hell. The Thinker took Ralph’s power and now, it appears as though Dibny is gone for good.

Basically, Team Flash is screwed more than ever and DeVoe now has a host that may be able to withstand more physical strain than anyone else.

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The aftermath of the battle

Caitlin was feeling sick and as a result of that, Cisco ran some scans on her. It seems as though Killer Frost, at least for the time being, is gone.

Meanwhile, Barry tried to do his best to grapple with what happened, however hard that it was, by heading back over to Ralph’s private-eye office and coming to grips that he’d lost his new friend and his partner.

Over at DeVoe’s evil lair, the episode concluded with DeVoe using Ralph’s body to turn into his old self. He had a celebration like no other with his wife, but there is still some more work to be done. Yep, things are going to get worse … somehow.

CarterMatt Verdict

What is interesting about The Flash season 4 is that no matter what Team Flash does, it doesn’t seem to matter. This was a crazy, shocking episode with a lot of big surprises, and now it looks as though we’re about to see something big with Harry Wells.

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