Criminal Minds season 13 episode 21 review: Are Luke and Lisa getting serious?

Luke AlvezWe recently learned more about Garcia on Criminal Minds with a heartfelt episode all about forgiveness, healing and moving forward. She had a chance to be an impact witness at the probation hearing of the man who killed her parents in a drunk driving accident and although her step brother wanted her to testify that this man should serve every single day of his time, Garcia had a lot of self blame over her parents death and wanted to move forward. After hearing what this man had to say, she looked inside herself and decided to testify that he had paid his due and it was time to give him probation – needless to say her step brother and her are at odds over this decision, but we have hope that they will work it out.

Tonight’s episode is part of a two episode finale! That’s right, you are getting two episodes in a row and while this is going to be a fun night of Criminal Minds overload it also means that we will not have any more episode of the show until the fall – that is if it’s renewed. We aren’t all that worried about it getting renewed since the ratings are pretty good (you can check out more on that in our video about that below and be sure to subscribe to the CarterMatt YouTube channel or more discussion pieces on all things TV related), but since it hasn’t had the official stamp we can’t say for sure.

If you were hoping to see more of Matthew Gray Gubler in this episode (and who wouldn’t want to see him in the second last episode of the season) you’re going to be disappointed. His character is still on his sabbatical and we have another episode with no Spencer Reid (he was missing last week too). Why is he gone tonight and so often this season? You can read more about that here, but don’t worry – he will be in the finale.

We may be the only ones sailing on the Garvez ship right now (and we are fine with that), but the show broke our little hearts tonight when they revealed that Luke and Lisa have been getting a little more serious over the past 3 months. She even has a drawer at his place now, and he’s mentioned to Tara thinking about next steps with her. Are our dreams of Luke and Garcia getting together squashed for ever? Getting a drawer isn’t married so our ship sails onward!

Also, we have to agree with Garcia on the magical properties of Cold Brew Coffee – it’s an elixir from the gods.

CarterMatt Verdict

There have been a lot of really creepy unsubs this season, but for us there’s been a few clunkers as well and tonight’s unsub had a really hard time pulling us into the case of the week – especially since this was about being hearing impaired and a high pitched hum that was haunting this man that was drilling into victims ears (the audio pitch effects have now given us a bit of a headache so that wasn’t helpful in our enjoyment of the episode). Add to that no Spencer Reid and we really just were waiting to move into the finale to see how this season is going to come to a close.


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