Madam Secretary season 4 episode 15 review: Did Conrad return?

Madam Secretary season 3 episode 5The moment that Madam Secretary season 4 episode 15 began by showing some flashbacks of earlier on in Conrad Dalton’s career, one thing felt almost immediately clear: There was a possibility that he could never return to office. Often, episodes that feature this sort of flashback are ones that feature something devastating. Therefore, we were worried and our worries grew the moment that we saw Conrad debate as to whether or not he even wanted to come back to office.

At the center of the struggle was Dalton’s health, and even though he was cleared by doctors to return there is a clear difference between doctors clearing you and then you feeling comfortable enough in your own right. Conrad wasn’t sure that he was ready, and that proved complicated further by the struggle at the center of the episode.

Basically, at the center of the hour Elizabeth McCord faced a pretty difficult decision: The new President of Myanmar and whether or not he should be honored with the Medal of Freedom. While he may have been thought of as a hero to many, the State Department soon realized that there were atrocities going on within his country. Basically, 3% of the entire population was suffering and being persecuted and killed. The President of the country refused to do anything about it at first, and didn’t even want to acknowledge it at the same time. Elizabeth wanted to do something about this, but when all other roads failed she turned to Conrad with a request: Come back, and following that do everything in his power to ensure that the President do something to really deserve the Medal of Freedom.

Conrad put on the suit and had a talk with the President, but even after that we were still not altogether sure that he was going to step into the role. We don’t believe things until we fully see them! That’s why we did celebrate when we saw Dalton back at his office, signing a document signifying his return.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar President decided ultimately to do the right thing, and with that, there is a little more hope for the world as a whole.

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CarterMatt Verdict

This was a story of hope inspired by real-life events, and we do hope that what we ended up seeing here can be seen as a message to the people out there who really suffering in certain parts of the world. Madam Secretary is entertaining and this episode was especially so, but there was also so much more here than just that.

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