The Good Doctor reaction: Should Shaun trust his neighbor Kenny?

Chris D'EliaComing out of The Good Doctor episode 16, there are a couple of interesting questions worth pondering over, but one of the biggest ones pertains to trust — and, in turn, also pertains to the characters of Dr. Shaun Murphy and his neighbor Kenny.

Ever since this character, played by Chris D’Elia, first turned up, there were some major questions regarding just who this guy was and why he was so close to attach himself to Shaun. Based on the ending of tonight’s episode, his criminal background check results are a cause for concern. It may cause Shaun to be a little more hesitant of being around this guy, but how is he going to throw him out when he spends so much time around him?

Of course, there is an obvious way that this story could go: Kenny is out to rob Shaun or do something else terrible to him. Yet, wouldn’t that be almost a little too predictable at this point? The more interesting outcome, at least from our vantage point, is seeing this story come to a conclusion that allows for Shaun and him to have a little more nuanced of a relationship. Kenny may view Shaun as an opportunity to have a friendship with someone who wouldn’t know him from his past and, because of his own social limitations, may be a little bit lonely and willing to look past his transgressions. The bond that the two form could also be such that Kenny may be able to wash away some of his past impulses.

Odds are, the next two episodes are going to provide some answers, especially since the promo for next week’s installment (watch it now over at the link here) strongly seemed to suggest that there is a shocking conclusion at the end of the episode. If Kenny is using Shaun with some sort of criminal intent in mind, that could be when he decides to act. It’s also possible that this could just be tied to some other sort of drama that is going on at the hospital.

What do you think is going on with Kenny on The Good Doctor, and do you have a good read as to his intentions? Be sure to share some of your thoughts right now in the comments!

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