Homeland season 7 episode 3 review: Are Carrie, Dante becoming a thing?

Homeland season 7 episode 3Homeland season 7 episode 3 continued to follow along one of this season’s major threads so far: Finding a way to aggrandize real-life headlines in a way that is somewhat believable.

Take, for example, the situation between Saul and O’Keefe eventually devolving into some sort of military / militia standoff. This was somewhat scary in how we could see it happening, especially with a character like O’Keefe who is really not seeing the forest through the trees. While he may be smart and extremely sly, he is also not fully coming to grips with the fact that some of his tactics are ineffective. How does he think that he will actually win this?

We will say this — Jake Weber and Mandy Patinkin are nothing short of fantastic when they share the screen together. More. Of. This. Please. We do feel like we’re going to get more given that the stand-off between all of these parties is still far from over as O’Keefe seems to be holding firm with the rest of his group.

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Are Carrie and Dante becoming a thing?

It’s probably too early to discuss things from a romantic relationship perspective, but it is pretty darn clear at this point that these two are becoming a little bit of something more than what they’ve been. Thanks to Dante, Carrie is spared from prison after what was a pretty darn harrowing episode for her — right when you thought that she was about to fall apart completely, we had what we would ultimately constitute as a bit of a reprieve.

To make matters even more hopeful for Carrie, her arrested records are getting washed away — that makes it possible that she could be able to hold on to Carrie, but at the same time right now that is far from a guarantee. She’s been through so much with her daughter already that some of her fears are both palpable and understandable. It’s therefore somewhat unfortunate that we can easily see this story careening out of control for her.

CarterMatt Verdict

Homeland season 7 episode 3 spared us from some of the ridiculousness of episode 2 with Carrie and the hacker; yet, it is still clear that Saul has the meatier story at the moment. It’s terrifying, relevant, and it just feels a little bit broader in its scope.

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