Jessica Jones season 2 episode 9 review: Jessica makes a tough choice

Jessica Jones season 2With Jessica’s mother enraged and ready to kill anyone and everyone who may have tried to shoot at them in Jessica’s apartment, we don’t think anything’s going to stop her… not even her own daughter. This has been the real issue with Alisa this whole time: That even though she was saved from death and wants to control her anger, she just can’t when it comes to the bigger stuff like someone trying to kill her family. Jessica’s own anger issues have been a major thread this season after she killed Kilgrave¬† and seeing her mother like this has to scare Jessica. She’s been afraid that she’s going to end up like this and is doing everything she can to quiet that part of her mind, but having this kind of reminder around her can’t be helpful.

Who is the shooter?

We were very curious as to who the shooter was when those bullets came flying into Jessica’s apartment, so imagine our surprise when we found out is was Pryce Cheng! Yup, he’s still around and he’s still pissed off over the murder of his friend Nick. This is honestly the storyline that just won’t die and is so not needed anymore. He’s gone from a private investigator to a straight up murderer (at least attempted murderer) and we are really over it. Once Alisa finds Cheng, she is ready to kill him, but Jessica is able to stop her without the use of a sedative. Cheng though… he needed a sedative and is now tied up in Jessica’s apartment. After spending more time with her mother, Jessica realizes that she will never be able to control her mother’s compulsion to want to kill and decides to call the police on her even though she really doesn’t want to. Once Alisa hears the phone call being made she breaks down the door and tries to kill Cheng, hitting Jessica in the process. It’s enough to make her stop and take pause of what she’s doing and decides to allow herself to be arrested. The killing needs to stop and she knows it.

Trish Talk is toast

With Malcolm in the wind and Jessica missing for a while after her “don’t worry, the killers gone, it’s over” message, Trish shows up at Jessica’s apartment. Trish is still amped up about getting IGH, but Jessica says she’s ready to move on. When Jessica takes a deeper look into Trish’s eyes she can see that she’s on drugs, but as much as she pushes for Trish to call her sponsor, she pushes away and eventually leaves.

Once she’s taken another hit of the combat drug (after seeing Griffon on TV being a hero once again), she is more motivated than ever to put a stop to IGH and she starts with having a full on-air meltdown right before quitting Trish Talk. Her meltdown inspires a phone call from someone from a major network wanting her to come in and interview with them for their news program. This is somewhere that she could make a real difference if she gets the job and for the first time in a while she has something to look forward to that’s just for her.

We were wondering how long it was going to be before Trish ran out of her drug and the timing couldn’t be worse for it with the job of her dreams on the line.

Hogarth’s healer

We really didn’t expect Hogarth to fall for Inez the way she has and we hope that if she is actually healed by Shane that she’s not going to dump Inez the way we think she will. Inez can call Hogarth out on her BS, but she also can keep up with her and challenge her in ways that other women have failed to do. Don’t blow it Hogarth!

When Shane is released from prison, Hogarth is there to pick him up. Of course he resists her pushes to help heal her, but with the threat of going back to prison he agrees to help. The process is exhausting and painstakingly emotional for both Shane and Hogarth who we see sobbing uncontrollably as he tries to work his magic.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The thing we liked the most about this episode is that Jessica had some closure on whether or not the car accident that killed her family was her fault. She’s blamed herself every day for it, but after hearing her mother tell her that it wasn’t her fault, that her father was responsible for taking his own eyes off the road, we are hoping that with all of the monsters stomping around in her head that this one has quieted down a bit. At the very least Jessica has forgiven her mom for giving her up when she was a kid, she understand now why that had to happen. There was a lot of forward movement in Jessica healing, she just has to really embrace it.

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