The Good Doctor episode 14 video: Shaun Murphy vs. Morgan Reznick

The Good Doctor episode 14Are you ready for The Good Doctor episode 14 to air on ABC Monday night? We hope so, given that signs point towards this being one of the more interesting situations that Dr. Shaun Murphy has been forced into dealing with.

While Shaun has definitely had his fair share of struggles since taking up his job at the hospital, there has always been one thing that he could fall back on: Being one of the top surgeons at the hospital. He is brilliant at what he does, incredibly bright, and capable of taking on almost any challenge that is put before him. There hasn’t quite been an equal in that department.

Unfortunately, this is where new character Dr. Morgan Reznick (read more about her here) comes into play. She is a new arrival to the hospital and someone who is extremely competitive. She comes from the school of thought that getting great surgeries is the biggest key to career advancement. If she can figure out a way to get more big surgeries and show that she is the best in the field, she can leapfrog ahead and get more money and glory.

The reality here with medicine is that it’s the same as many other professions that are out there and everyone chooses to get involved in it for their own individual reasons. There may be some people, for example, who are involved in medicine because they want to care for other people. However, there are also plenty of other people who get involved because they want to have a lot of success or have a comfortable salary. As a doctor, you have to learn how to manage all of these different personalities and unfortunately, what we’ve learned about Shaun over time is that managing personalities is not exactly his forte. He struggles mightily with that just as he often does other social interactions with patients.

Morgan as a character is going to test Shaun — it’s possible her ambition will cause her to crash and burn, but it’s also possible that the new-found competition could cause Shaun to go off-center and struggle in his own right.

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What do you think is going to be coming up on The Good Doctor episode 14 for Shaun, and do you think he will be able to handle this new competition? Share in the comments!

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