What is the best The Fosters ‘ship of all time?

Fosters 'shipMrs. Carter: What is the most-popular The Fosters ‘ship of all time?

Given that we are now in the final season of the series, there is no better time to look at this than the present — especially since this is not a subject that we’ve really touched on before.

It was pretty hard to narrow this field down as much as we have, mostly because there are so many different ‘ships on this series and a lot of them have changed over the years. Nonetheless these are some of the ones that CarterMatt thinks are the most interesting or have made the largest overall impact of the years. At the bottom of the list we’ve also got a poll where you can vote for your favorite! We’ll reveal the winner of this said poll on Tuesday, January 30 at 4:00 p.m. Eastern time (1:00 p.m. Pacific). Be sure to check back then to learn who our readers have picked!

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Still with us? Let’s get to some of the choices.

Callie and Brandon a.k.a. Brallie – One of the most-popular ‘ships since the beginning of the series, aided probably somewhat by the Romeo & Juliet thing that they have going on with their love being somewhat-forbidden. They’re not related by blood, but they’re a part of the same family so its complicated.

Callie and AJ a.k.a. CAJ – They aren’t together at this point, but there has been some flirtation around the idea on the show. With that, we have to think that the writers are not ruling it out as a possibility still.

Callie and Aaron a.k.a. Calron – The final prominent Callie ‘ship, and the one that is the most recent to the show — they aren’t together at present, either.

Mariana and Mat a.k.a. Matiana – The most prominent Mariana ‘ship by a mile. We just can’t stomach the idea of putting her and Nick on this list just on the basis of how toxic they were.

Brandon and Grace a.k.a. Brace – While Lou and Cortney were both love interests in the past, our feeling remains that this is the best non-Callie romance we’ve seen for Brandon over the series. That makes it all the sadder that with Grace’s condition, it could end with tragedy.

Jesus and Emma a.k.a. Jemma – These two have been somewhat hot-and-cold, but with Jesus getting better after his head injury we’re hoping that this is charting towards a happier end.

Jude and Connor a.k.a. Jonnor – Probably one of the saddest breakups in the history of the series, especially since Connor isn’t even a part of the show anymore. We know there are many people out there who still miss them.

Jude and Noah a.k.a. Joah – Jude’s current relationship – though we are a little bit worried that Jude’s new gaming habit, and who he is spending time with, is getting somewhat in the way.

Mike and Ana – Is there a ‘ship name here? Should we just call them “Mana” because it remains us of a great classic video game? They do have one of the most interesting adult relationships on the show.

Stef and Lena a.k.a. Stena – Last but never least, we close with the matriarchs and the women who really pour their heart and soul into their family. Without them, the show wouldn’t exist.

Now, we turn this over to you!

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