Outlander notes: Scotland’s tourism on the rise; season 3 soundtrack release date

Scotland's tourismThere are a couple of interesting things to discuss in our Friday Outlander notes, but it feels very much appropriate to begin with this: The significant rise in Scotland tourism numbers, a figure being attributed in part to the success of the Starz series.

According to a new announcement via the UK Office of National Statistics, more than 14 million domestic and international tourists visited Scotland over the course of 2017. When it comes to international tourists in general, there was a year-to-year rise of around 15%. Is there a reason for that beyond Outlander? Sure, as the British pound has lowered in part due to Brexit and other factors.

Nonetheless, you cannot diminish the impact that Outlander had on the tourism industry given that the series presents the region as lush, beautiful, and steeped in history. Before the series’ premiere, the largest issue that Scottish tourism had was getting the word out there — the misconception may have been to just label the region as cold or rainy. Yet, there are many now getting a truer sense of what the location is like and that is nothing short of wonderful for anyone out there working in that industry. There are now specific locales that many show viewers will want to visit.

What we really wonder now is this: Will tourism suffer at all due to season 4? While filming remains in Scotland, the region is doubling as North Carolina and many casual viewers may not be aware of this. We’re curious to see if this impacts North Carolina tourism in any way.

The Outlander season 3 soundtrack release date

For those very much wondering about this, E! News reports today that the Outlander season 3 soundtrack is going to be officially available on February 9. You can already pre-order it on iTunes, and why wouldn’t you want to? Bear McCreary is one of the finest composers out there and there are many unique and familiar tracks that season 3 had to offer. A big part of what makes this season so unique is its sheer diversity — there is music that reflects where Claire was in the 1960’s, and then also music that is indicative of Scotland and then eventually the Caribbean. In terms of styles and culture, there is no better season to date than season 3.

We would say already that Outlander is up there with Game of Thrones in terms of having some of the most-memorable orchestral score on television. It only takes you a few seconds to hear the music and understand almost immediately what it’s for.

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