What is Benson’s secret on Law & Order: SVU season 19 episode 7?

What is Benson's secretLaw & Order: SVU season 19 episode 7 is being billed as an “exceptional episode” of the show. While NBC does hype up every episode, they don’t often go with this sort of superlative.

So, what does this mean? Is there a reason why they are hyping up this story more than some others we’ve seen over the years? Judging from the promo that CarterMatt has for you below there appears to be reasons for this kind of hype! A new investigation is going to test Olivia Benson in ways that she has not been tested psychologically in a rather long time, especially in terms of a series of conversations that she has with the apparent victim. You can see some of that play out in the promo, but it all leads to one question: What is Benson’s secret? What’s something that she could confess in this episode that may surprise some viewers out there?

When we think about Olivia as a person, we don’t think of her as someone who would have hidden something from the rest of the team in a malicious manner at all. The synopsis for this episode (courtesy of NBC) teased that this big reveal was going to be tied in some way to her past, so that is also something to consider. This could be something that either defines who she is or those close to her. How it comes about will be an interesting thing to behold given that it’s not often Olivia finds herself in a position where she deems it necessary to give up some sort of information, whether it be to a suspect, a victim, or anyone else.

What we can tell you about this episode is this: No matter what happens during it you’re going to see a Mariska Hargitay performance for the ages. If you watch the show because you love her, you’ll be talking about this hour for quite some time.

Update following the episode

You can read more about the secret “reveal” at this link — but we think many longtime fans may have already known this…

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