Outlander season 3 Print Shop aftermath: Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, & Ronald D. Moore

It may have taken some time to make it to the Outlander season 3 Print Shop scene, but we’ve finally made it there! Now, we come to the next order of business: Sifting through the aftermath of it and reflecting on the journey that got us here.

Ultimately, it’s very hard to chronicle all of the different stories and pieces that are out there on the internet at the moment about the Print Shop scene, the timing of the reunion, and so much more; like so many key points in Outlander this season there is an embarrassment of riches across the internet. What we wanted to pull from in starting off this article, though, were the comments from executive producer Ronald D. Moore about him committing to the source material and not rushing things along. This is one of the reasons why the Print Shop scene was so great — we didn’t get it right away, and the writers resisted temptation to give us flash-forwards or anything else. We had to get used to Claire and Jamie apart before we got a chance to see them together once more.

Here is some of what Moore had to say about the subject to Indiewire:

“I was firm on [keeping the pace slow]. I was like, ‘I want them to want it. I’m happy that they’re going a little crazy. Let’s make them earn it, getting them back together.’ … It felt like there was no scenario where we were just gonna skip over it or just do it in little flashbacks. It’s too big of a change in who these people are, to not really show what they went through. I felt like, ‘Well, I want to see some of that story.’”

Kudos to Moore for taking the bold, no-half-measures approach to telling this story. This is the sort of boldness that we can get behind.

Another quote worth noting

We love, in the midst of all of the interviews out there, what Caitriona Balfe said to TVLine about what made the scene at the brothel were Claire and Jamie connected again physically. It gives you such a great sense of why the performances in the episode were so outstanding:

“There’s a lot of people in that room. There’s the ghost of their own older selves. The ghost of Frank is probably in the room, their children, Geneva, everybody. It’s a lot to try and wade through just to have that point-on-point connection … And then it’s like all of your insecurities or what’s going on in your head or your fears, they all come into the room. I thought it was beautiful that they chose to include all of that, because it makes it more believable.”

What else is there?

If you come to us for ratings, you should keep in mind that we’ll have hopefully our post about 3×06 viewing figures up tomorrow! It’s somewhat dependent on if they are released via the Nielsens; if they are, we’ll have them.

Finally, we want to note for you that if you have your own questions for either Balfe or Heughan, there is an official Q&A happening on social media tomorrow. The Outlander account confirmed that via the tweet HERE.

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