Zoo season 3 finale review: Logan’s sacrifice; Jackson’s decision

Zoo season 3 finaleAt the start of the Zoo season 3 finale on CBS Sunday night, there were a few things that we had a chance to witness — the team was scrambling, and Mitch Morgan found himself in the spot where he was forced to be the hero. Could he really stop the beacon? The only thing that he was able to do was divert the St. Louis one to the barrier. That was only a temporary fix for a larger problem, and that was him trying to activate the part of his brain that he had used previously with Mr. Duncan.

Meanwhile, over with Clementine and her baby the priority was clear: Trying to figure out a way in which to preserve his health, while also making sure that Abe got what he needed to stop the reproductive crisis. To make matters worse for her, Sam/Connor was still on life support in the hospital, which put a major sense of urgency into Jackson to help him get better.

Ultimately, Mitch’s endgame with his daughter was clear: Getting her as far away from the chaos as possible. He didn’t want her anywhere that she could be in danger while he executed his plan. The hybrids started to attack the barrier, and the team became enveloped in disarray and chaos. Was there any way to turn the beacon off before the hybrids got there? Well, Zoo does have this unique way of finding ways to get out of difficult situations! Here, it was figuring out that the beacon was operating at a frequency where he would be able to shut down the beacon without it murdering him.

With that, Jackson took back to St. Louis and this is where things got a little crazy. Take, for example, the giant beacon/”radio tower” sticking out like a sore thumb. Also, why is Tessa not listening to warnings about the beacon potentially killing her? Well, eventually she did and let Jackson go towards the beacon himself, but it took a long time while he wandered his way towards it in order to save all of humanity. Eventually, he was able to save everyone!

Here’s the bad news

There was a lot of death over the course of the episode, starting with losing a familiar face in Logan. While he attempted to drive Clementine and her baby (she named her baby Sam!) out away from the barrier, Logan found himself taken out by Abigail, who took the baby in the process. He sacrificed himself to keep her safe. Also, we lost a few redshirts and Jackson almost died getting the beacon. It also turned out that Troy’s dog died and turned into a hybrid — basically, it was a zombie dog.

Right after the team learned about the hybrid zombie dog, Clementine returned to the team at the barrier where she told them all about Abigail and the child. Eventually Jackson and Abigail spoke, and that was where he had to figure out how to make a sacrifice: If Jackson allowed the hybrids to roam free, he would get Clementine back. He was desperate to get Baby Sam back … so much so that he was willing to go against most of the team negotiate with her.

Our overall CarterMatt take

There were some moving moments that we saw over the course of the episode, but also some freaky and crazy ones. More than anything, the season 3 finale proved to be incredibly entertaining! We were very much engrossed from start to finish. Of course, we were also left with a terrible cliffhanger — the plane, (controlled by Jackson) crashing into the barrier. CBS better be ready to renew Zoo, because as we’ve said before, they can expect a swarm of angry fans and their hybrids at their studio doors demanding an explanation if they don’t give the series a proper ending.

What did you think about the Zoo season 3 finale?

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