Game of Thrones season 8: Can you thaw an Ice Dragon?

Ice DragonWith Game of Thrones season 8 set to premiere either in late 2018 or early 2019, there are more questions that are worthy of being asked at the moment. The status of an Ice Dragon is one of the ones near the top of the list.

Based on everything that we’ve learned so far, the Night King’s dragon is basically the biggest reminder that we have of precisely how screwed some of these characters are at the moment. After Viserion was killed Beyond the Wall on what began as a rescue mission, we saw the Big Bad revive him as something terrible. Now, the dragon’s eye is blue, and we saw what amounts to a pretty perfect example of what they are capable of in destroying the Wall for good.

Now, the question we wonder is this: How do you kill something that is already dead? How do you remove an Ice Dragon from the equation? Is there a way to do this? It’s one of the biggest questions entering season 8 given that this dragon is effectively one of the biggest tools that the Night King has at his disposal.

The key could, understandably, lie with Daenerys. For the entire series, what we’ve been told is that the connection between herself and her dragons is one of her largest tactical advantages. Does that remain the case? Is there a way that she can bring Viserion back, or at least stop him from being under the Night King’s control? Much of this really boils down to how much of yourself you lose when you die. If there is still some part of this dragon that remembers its original purpose, then maybe Daenerys can get through to it. If this really is just a mindless zombie-dragon at this point with no inherent connection to anyone, then it is controlled by some of the forces of the dead. Namely, we are talking this said “King” of bones and rotting corpses.

Provided that Daenerys cannot control the Ice Dragon anymore, the next order of business becomes a little bit more clear: Trying to find a way to kill it, and we don’t think that is going to be an easy task. Can you use dragonglass to kill an undead dragon, or does fire really offset ice enough to make a difference. It was the Ice Spear of The Night King that was responsible for killing the dragon in the first place and beginning this terrible transformation.

Ultimately, the biggest thing that we know is clear: The Ice Dragon is the most tangible immediate threat to Westeros now. So long as it is flying around, every other character within the world of the show has a reason to be afraid for their future.

Do you think that there will be a tangible way to stop an Ice Dragon?

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