Big Brother 19 interview: Allison Grodner on ‘bitter’ jury, BB Comics, finale

The finale for Big Brother 19 is coming up on CBS in just under one week’s time, and with Paul, Josh, and Christmas all going head to head, there are a few interesting questions worth pondering. For example, is it possible that Josh could blindside Paul at final three, or will this jury choose to vote based on who they think is the best player? While we understand the frustration towards the way certain people played this game, there is some potential for interesting moves to happen still … provided that Josh actually wins the final Head of Household and takes a shot.

In our weekly interview with executive producer Allison Grodner, we got even more of a sense of the jury’s mindset (let’s just say that they’re not happy) while also talking about what goes into making BB Comics a reality and Wednesday’s big send-off to season 19.

CarterMatt – Can you you describe what the process is like of conceptualizing the BB Comics every year for the Veto? It’s become a fun tradition.

Allison Grodner – The creative team here works hard to put this BB tradition together each year and each year they strive to top themselves.  It is a blast to brainstorm these “BB Superheroes” using the most iconic moments and memorable traits from each season’s houseguests. Along with the talent and expertise of the competition team and the art department, we hand over the covers to professional comic book artists who bring each one of these crazy characters to life. This year we took everything a step further with The Revengers trailer and look forward to growing this concept in the seasons to come.

From everything that you’ve seen, plus the segment we saw tonight, how would you describe the mood in the jury house right now?

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Bitter…I don’t remember the last season where every single juror, with the exception of Cody, was clueless on the way out only to realize the truth about their eviction once in the jury house. Not only are they upset to have been played by those remaining in the BB game, they are very upset with the delusions and the mere presence of Maven.

Is there any part of the finale next week that you, personally, are looking forward to?

The part when Julie says ‘see you next summer!’ LOL. I am actually very intrigued to see how this jury votes and whether it will be about emotion or gameplay. I am also looking forward to seeing the pre-jury houseguests return and share their perspective on the show that they have been able to watch since leaving the BB house. What do they think about the way Paul convinced everyone he was their ally and what do they think about Raven’s puppet master claim?


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