Arrow season 6 spoilers: More fuel to the Vigilante rumor fire

Vigilante rumorThe Vigilante rumor mill entering Arrow season 6 is churning faster than ever, and for good reason: He’s an interesting villain! Anytime you’ve got someone so steeped in danger and with such a fiery agenda, you want to know what compels them to do what they do?

We’ve heard MANY different theories at this point as to who this man is; whether it be Earth-2 Adrian Chase, Earth-1 Adrian’s secret twin, Tommy Merlyn, Captain Pike, and even Thea Queen. There are reasons why they’d want to put on that costume, but with all these potential candidates we also wonder this: Why would they be so desperate to destroy evil that they’re willing to put good guys at risk in the process? We do think that the following quote from executive producer Wendy Mericle to TVLine is extremely interesting in the words that she chooses:

“Who he is and what he’s up to is very personal … He’s got a very close connection to one of our series regulars that I really hope will blow the fans’ minds.”

Could Vigilante be Quentin Lance? There’s an interesting idea here in that he may be so burnt up over Laurel’s death that he’s taken on this secret double life, but we don’t quite see it since that negates some of his battle with alcoholism. Mericle does make it clear that the character is a man, and we do think it’s deliberate that she doesn’t just say that Vigilante is connected to Oliver Queen. It could be anybody within the main cast and for us we would like to see it be someone other then Oliver this time around.

Ultimately, all of this furthers along our theory that Vigilante is actually Paul, Curtis Holt’s former husband. Paul warned Curtis not to keep putting himself in danger, and part of the reason for that strong stance may have been that he didn’t want him getting caught in the crossfire. We don’t know the motive, but Echo Kellum is a series regular and there aren’t all that many other candidates out there who we’ve A) already met and B) have a close connection to one of our regulars who isn’t already mixed up in the Star City mess in some shape or form.

If you make it someone like a Quentin or even a Roy Harper, you’re fundamentally changing people who you already love and remember for other things. With Paul, you’re not doing that given that the emotional attachment to him as a main player in the series isn’t quite there. You’re intrigued by him, but we also would not say that you think about him in any way other than that he was married to Curtis and eventually decided to leave him over his crime-fighting ways.

What do you think about the current state of the Vigilante rumor mill?

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