The Big Bang Theory season 11 promo all about the proposal

Big Bang Theory season 11 promoCBS has released the first The Big Bang Theory season 11 promo, and by and large this is all about one subject: Sheldon’s proposal. Are we going to see Amy say yes or no to his impromptu proposal? Well, the promo makes it clear that there may be an interruption along the way.

In what may be one of the sillier moments of the premiere, Sheldon gets a call from Leonard right after making the proposal, and he decides that he is going to answer it — after all, he didn’t want to be rude! This moment is silly, but we have a feeling that after that, things could get a little more serious as Amy makes her decision. (The photo above is from the premiere, but one of the things that makes this so interesting is that you can’t see Amy’s hands, or if there is a ring located on them.)

Based on what we know about the premiere (read the full synopsis over at the link here), Riki Lindhome is going to be returning in the premiere as Dr. Ramona Nowitzki, otherwise known as the woman who kissed Sheldon at the end of season 10. She is the one who prompted Sheldon to make the proposal, and one of the questions Amy may need answered, especially after she gets all of the necessary information, is simple: Will she still be okay with agreeing to it, knowing the reason why it’s happening? We do think that Sheldon eventually would’ve probably proposed, but it was rushed by the circumstances. Also, he’s not completely innocent in what happened — he was warned by multiple people that Ramona was out for more than just friendship with him, but he refused to acknowledge or accept it. A great degree of the situation that he was in was of his own making.

If Sheldon and Amy get engaged, then there is obviously going to be a great story for a rather long time about the two planning a wedding. How is Sheldon going to react to being a part of the process of finding a venue or some of the vows?

Beyond this story

One of the other things to wonder about in the premiere comes via Howard and Bernadette. After all, they may end up having a surprise of their own based on some of the details that are out there right now.

Remember that The Big Bang Theory is going to be shaking things up slightly in the new season, as you’re going to be seeing it move to Mondays for the first few weeks. It’s a similar timeslot to where the show aired over the past couple of years, where it was temporarily displaced on the Monday-night lineup.

What do you think about this Big Bang Theory season 11 promo?

Do you think that Sheldon is going to have to fight for Amy to accept the proposal beyond what we’ve seen? Share in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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