Grey’s Anatomy season 14: Premiere hopes for Owen, Meredith, more

Grey's Anatomy season 14What are some of the things that could happen during the Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere? Let’s try to figure that out!

Let’s begin in this article by discussing some of what we know for sure. The premiere will pick up with the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital still in need of some repairs after the fire in the season finale. Stephanie Edwards will be gone, and Owen is about to have a life-changing meeting. It’s confirmed that Abigail Spencer is going to appear as his sister Megan, though her precise episode count is not altogether clear. The one thing that we do know is that Spencer starts filming Timeless in November, so odds are she is not going to be around for the second half of the season.

In terms of relationships, there are many curious develops out there. Meredith and Nathan seem to be done for now, mostly because of Megan’s return and Riggs running to be with her. Could they pick something up again down the road? It’s certainly possible, but that doesn’t feel altogether likely for the premiere when there are so many other thing that will be transpiring. For now, we just want this episode to bring Owen a little bit of peace, and for Meredith to figure out what her next step is. Hopefully, it involves focusing on those around her who do clearly love her.

One of the likelier possibilities for romance in the premiere is something between Alex and Jo, who have been creeping closer to going in that direction for a little while now. They do have a major hurdle ahead in the form of what happened with Alex visiting the medical convention, but given that Jo doesn’t exactly know about that, there really isn’t a whole lot that she can do. (Knowing this show, though, it’s likely to come out sooner rather than later.) Another relationship to watch out for is Maggie and Jackson, who had some flirtation going on at the end of the season. While personally we do find ourselves ‘shipping Jackson and April more, we’re in that that really cheers for those longtime relationships from the past. Take, for example, the soft spot that we’ll always have for Callie and Arizona.

As for the medical side of things…

It wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy unless there were some difficult, dangerous patients for the doctors and nurses to take on, but a part of the problem with that in the context of this show is that it’s hard to tease medical cases in advance since so many of them are episode-by-episode. We do want to see more that last on a recurring basis.

The only other significant premiere expectation we can offer right now is a tonal one. It’s been said many times over now that Grey’s Anatomy is looking to shift to more of a lighter tone with Krista Vernoff coming back as executive producer. We’re hoping that’s the case … but we’ll believe it when we see it.

What do you want to see on Grey’s Anatomy season 14 — both in terms of the premiere and down the road?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts on that subject in the comments! Also, you can head over here in the event that you do want to score some additional insight regarding Sara Ramirez, and whether or not she could return down the road. (Photo: ABC.)

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