Supergirl season 3 spoilers: How could Lena help Kara in premiere episode?

Supergirl season 3Moving into Supergirl season 3, all signs point to Kara Danvers being in, understandably, a dark place. While she did manage to protect National City and by association the world from Rhea and her invasion, she also lost Mon-El. He’s still alive, but gone from the world with no immediate hope to return. Every character involved may have a certain part of that burden placed on them, and Lena Luthor is on the list.

Luckily, we do think that Lena is someone who probably knows a thing or two about handling burdens and pain already. Remember that this is a woman who moved her company over to National City to start anew, and who also had to spend much of her life dealing with both Lillian and Lex. If anyone is used to having to deal with horrible situations on an almost-constant basis, it’s probably Lena. This may not be all that severe by comparison.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress behind the role in Katie McGrath makes it clear that there will be something that her character tries to do in the premiere to help her friend out:

“While Lena’s feeling good that she helped saved the world, she feels very responsible that her best friend is hurting, and she’s trying to bring Kara back to the friendship that they had.”

Granted, what makes all of this more complicated for Lena is how much information Kara Danvers has actually told her about Supergirl, but it doesn’t quite matter one way or another given that Lena obviously wants to help her regardless. Their friendship exists more on a human level, and over the course of season 3 that’s what we want to see play out more with the two of them. There could be some good Supergirl moments in there, but you don’t want the show to completely forget about Kara Danvers, either. If it does that, it’s not the same show anymore and its tone gets completely spun around on its axis. Luckily, we don’t foresee that happening anytime soon given that there are some characters firmly planted within both worlds. Plus, people like Winn and Alex have been around in Kara’s life for a long time before she ended up putting on the House of El coat of arms. They know her more as Kara than as someone who uses powers to fight crime. Lena’s a little more unique in that she knows Kara first and foremost, but came about after Supergirl was in the city.

What do you think should be coming up for Lena and Kara on the Supergirl season 3, and do you really think that anyone is going to help her get out of the rut that she is in? Share in the comments!

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