Outlander season 3 notes: Latest teaser video; promotional efforts

OutlanderCan you believe how close we are finally starting to get to the Outlander season 3 premiere? In just over two weeks there will be screenings in both New York and Los Angeles. Meanwhile, we’re now under three weeks away from the September 10 premiere. There are thirteen hopefully-stellar episodes almost here, and we’re ready to roll out all sorts of coverage of the show and what we can expect to see during it.

Today, the updates that we have are short but notable, starting with yet another teaser that packages together the story in a new and different way than before. This time around, we’ve got a preview (see below) all about romance, the suffering of Claire and Jamie during their time apart, and also the passion that they have for seeing each other once more. While it is mostly old footage, it’s framed around some brief season 3 footage led by Caitriona Balfe’s character explaining more just what she lost and how she is struggling to move on from it. Even after two decades, Jamie Fraser remains at the forefront of her mind. Some of those emotions have never left her, even if such a significant amount of time has passed. Characters have changed, but her heart has not. There are few romances on television quite as epic of poignant as this one.

The more that we see of the show’s promotional efforts, the more that we are reminded of what Starz is effectively trying to do this year: Focus almost the entirety of their marketing on the romance and the spirit of this relationship. Given that so much of the show is going to prove different following the time jump, they are spending less time for now emphasizing some of the new characters or settings. They celebrate the spirit of the show without giving too much away in terms of the plot. These previews show a cognizance for viewers who are not too familiar with the Diana Gabaldon books.

Given that we do have almost three weeks to go, there is probably another teaser in this vein coming before long.

Outlander hits Hollywood

Cesar Domboy himself posted recently a new image on his official Instagram page featuring one of the new Outlander season 3 billboards — it’s a familiar image and doesn’t give much of anything away to fans, but this is the biggest statement we’ve seen to date that Starz is going all-in with their promotion of the show. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be getting this sort of prime real estate around Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. These billboards don’t come cheap, and it is a part of the capital of all things entertainment. There’s certainly a lot of street traffic, but there’s also a lot of foot traffic from people checking out the sights. If you’re seen on Sunset, you’re generally considered a big deal.

Want some other news pertaining to Outlander?

Odds are, you know where to go right now — the link here! We’ll have even more updates on the show as we start to hear more. (Photo: Starz.)

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