Outlander season 3: All about Claire & Jamie, Roger & Bree

Claire & JamieToday’s Outlander season 3 story is very much a tale of two different couples! In one corner, we have Claire & Jamie, and the other Roger & Bree. (Don’t worry, we’re not making the “corner” analogy to suggest that everyone is about to get into some sort of tag-team wrestling match).

Let’s start with the show’s signature couple, as played by Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan. We don’t necessarily think of the promotional Twitter post below from Starz as anything super-new, but it does reflect perfectly the shared emotional struggle at the heart of the story this season. You have two people who do continue to care deeply about each other, and because of the pain of their separation and inability to look beyond it, they cannot fully step into the future. They’ve always got one foot buried in the past, both figuratively and literally.

This haunting will go on to impact their entire lives in so many ways. For Claire, it influences everything from her employment to her relationship with daughter Brianna. Meanwhile, for Jamie it influences much of his journey in the aftermath of Culloden. Both are facing impossible odds trying to find their way back to one another, but they’ll somehow figure that out. It’s improbable, but there are so many different things in this world that are.

Remember that everything will culminate in the already-famous print shop scene, which happens a handful of episodes into the new season. It is such an interesting way that the show is being promoted to date — almost the entire story is leading up to the print shop, so we haven’t really seen much official footage of Claire and Jamie actually together. That may change in the aftermath of that scene airing.

(For those who are book readers, you may have a slightly different interpretation of the Jamie part of this — we think that Starz is going for a slight suspension of belief here to suit the picture’s narrative. For now, we’re playing into the thematic’s of that.)

Now for Roger & Bree…

The new video below features Sophie Skelton and Richard Rankin opening up to Leanne Aguilera of Entertainment Tonight about their characters, getting to know each other better, and some of the joy that comes out of diving into this world. Any new video featuring these two actors is worthy of some celebration, and this is an especially fun one! These characters will have a more substantial role in season 3 after they each made their debut in the season 2 finale “Dragonfly in Amber.”

We feel like these characters, (through the limited time that we’ve seen them already) bring out some of the best in each other. They inspire a sense of adventure and excitement, and it’s something that both of them have been missing in much of their lives. They’ll no doubt have more challenges, but we’ve seen them already tackle a singular mission on the show. We also think that as they come to care about each other more over time, their relationship will become all the more fascinating and complex.

Want some additional Outlander news?

At this point, you know the drill! Head over here to get some more of the latest, and know that we’ll be back once more with additional shortly. (Photo: Starz.)

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